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Author Topic: logic audio platinum 5 (Mar 2001?) requirements (250Mhz+)  (Read 3586 times)

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logic audio platinum 5 (Mar 2001?) requirements (250Mhz+)
« on: August 19, 2014, 06:12:27 AM »

System Requirements Windows

Athlon/Duron or Pentium 300 MHz
Windows 98 SE/Me
Windows 2000/XP
128 MB RAM
CD-ROM or DVD drive
free USB-Port for XSKey

CPU with SSE command set :
Athlon XP,
Duron from 1GHz,
Pentium III,
Pentium IV

256 MB RAM or more
Low-latency audio hardware for software instruments
Multiple I/O audio hardware for Surround
Separate fast hard drive for audio data
MIDI interface, MIDI keyboard

System Requirements Mac

604/250 MHz processor
Mac OS 9.1 or higher (Mac OS X support in development)
128 MB RAM
CD-ROM or DVD drive
free USB port for XSKey

Powermac G4 CPU with Velocity Engine support (G4/MP)
Mac OS 9.2
256 MB RAM or more
Low-latency audio hardware for software instruments
Multiple I/O audio hardware for Surround
Separate fast hard drive for audio data
MIDI interface, MIDI keyboard

no support for windows 95

key features

Logic Platinum 5 Key Features


    Ultra-precise 32 Bit internal processing
    Event resolution 1/3,840 note
    Tempo resolution accurate to 1/10,000 bpm in the range from 0.05 to 9,999 bpm
    Freely configurable user interface
    90 freely configurable Screensets per song
    Over 800 freely definable Key and MIDI commands for all important program functions
    Interactive windows with Catch/Link/Content Link
    Individually zoomable/resizable tracks
    Optimized user interface offering fast navigation
    New online help system
    Localized menus, multilingual interface
    Synchronized Quicktime video support*
    Adaptive, self-configuring Track Mixer for MIDI & audio
    Comprehensive Logic Control system support

* current QuickTime recommended


    Virtually unlimited number of MIDI tracks
    Realtime MIDI quantize, Groove Templates
    Matrix, Event, Hyper and Transform Editors
    Time signature and key change Editor
    Score Editor: realtime notation, coloured notes, steptime input window, professional layout/printout
    HyperDraw[TM] for all event types in Arrange, Matrix and Score Editor
    Sophisticated MIDI processing Environment
    Touch Tracks: live playing of folders/sequencies
    AMT for precise MIDI timing with AMT8/Unitor8
    Up to 128 MIDI ports supported
    OMS/MTP (Mac OS)compatible
    Full synchronization options with MTC, MMC, SMPTE
    AutoLink with SoundDiver


    All-new, track-based, sample-accurate automation engine for virtually every parameter including effect plug-ins and Audio Instruments
    Independent of sequencer record status
    Read, write, latch and touch modes
    32 Bit automation data resolution
    Automated parameters are displayed with full name and value
    Color-coded automation data is displayed directly in Arrange window as envelope with break points
    Break points can be freely drawn, edited and scaled
    Automation curves freely adjustable between convex, concave, s-form or linear shapes
    Automation data can be moved or copied with corresponding audio data, or independently

Plug-ins and Audio Instruments

    Up to 32 Audio Instruments for insertion of Emagic and VST2 virtual instruments*
    8 inserts for plug-ins and 8 sends per Audio Instrument
    3 new Emagic instruments included - ES M monophonic, ES P polyphonic and ES E for ensemble sounds
    Optional ES1, ES2, EXS24, EXSP24, EVP88, EVP73
    VST/VST2 realtime plug-in support
    Over 50 effect plug-ins included: various delays, re-verbs, distortions, dynamics, modulation effects, BitCrusher, Auto Filter, Enveloper, Spectral Gate, etc. Of these, Phase/Clip Distortion, Denoiser, DeEsser, Tremolo, Stereo Spread, Exciter, SubBass, Limiter, Adaptive Limiter, Multiband Compressor are new.
    Optional EVOC20 vocoder/filterbank package
    Sidechains for plug-ins and Audio Instruments
    ReWire1 support for ReBirth and Reason
    Adobe Premiere + AudioSuite plug-in support (Mac)
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