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19" M-audio Delta 1010 (2000) win95+, os8.6+



Windows 95/98/ME Drivers For Delta Series-Delta 1010, Delta 66, Delta 44, Delta Dio 2448

one notch in pci card, 5v pci slot compatible (pre-2005 pcs, mac g4's) NOT compatible with G5 or 3.3v slots

two notches in pci card, 5v & 3.3v compatible, works in pretty much any computer with pci slots incl Powermac G5

--- Quote ---Delta 1010
10x10 PCI Based Digital Audio System
Click for closer look...(msrp: $999.95)

The Delta 1010 stands at the forefront of digital audio’s evolution, making available a level of performance previously unattainable. Unrivaled in its integrity, the DELTA 1010 shores up what used to be the Achilles’ heel of any computer-based system: the transfer and  conversion of audio between the outside world and the computer. With 24-bit 96kHz bandwidth and expansive flexibility, the DELTA 1010 boasts 8 balanced or unbalanced analog I/Os, S/PDIF I/O, Word Clock I/O, and MIDI I/O to guarantee connectivity in any installation. To ensure that your audio is not compromised by your computer’s internal noise, the Delta 1010’s converters reside in a rock-solid, external, rack-mountable chassis. We’ve even located the power transformer outside of the chassis to further secure the absolute transparency of your audio.

• All data paths support all bit widths and sampling rates up to 24-bit/96kHz.
• High dynamic range (A-weighted measured): D/A 108db, A/D 109db.
• Low distortion (measured THD @0dBFS): D/A less than 0.0015%, A/D less than 0.001%.

• Configured as PCI host card with external rack-mount unit, which houses all converters.
• 8x8 analog I/O is balanced or unbalanced on 1/4" TRS connectors.
• +4/-10 operation, individually switchable on the external rack-mount unit.
• S/PDIF I/O on PCI host card.
• Full duplex operation.
• Word Clock I/O.

• Powerful digital mixing, routing and monitoring capabilities with included software.
• Hardware sample-accurate sync links multiple Delta 1010s.
• Includes Windows 95/98, ASIO/ASIO2, Mac*, DirectX and Windows NT drivers.

Minimum System Requirements
• Windows 95, 98 or NT
• Pentium II 350MHz - (96kHz operation)
Pentium 300 MMX - (48kHz or less)
• 128 MB of PC100 RAM - (96kHz operation)
64 MB of SDRAM - (48kHz or less)

--- End quote ---

just found this SDK for the DELTA PANEL software i think for windows?

--- Quote ---he M-Audio Delta Products Control Panel Interface Driver (DELTAPNL.DLL) provides the interface by which application software can control the monitor mixer, router, clock source, sample rate, S/PDIF, Surround Sound, SRS TruSurround, SRS CircleSurround and other settings for the family of M-Audio Delta audio cards. This same interface driver is used by the control panel program that is included with the family of the Windows drivers for these audio cards. This interface driver will allow 3rd party development of Control Panels for the M-Audio Delta cards, as well as customized controls when M-Audio cards are being used by customers in a test or diagnostic capacity for their own audio products.

The steps to use this interface driver are straightforward:
include the DELTAPNL.H header file in your application's C or C++ source code files
make the appropriate calls as described in this document and prototyped in the DELTAPNL.H file
include the Microsoft Visual C++ generated DELTAPNL.LIB file when linking your project
Then, the DELTAPNL.DLL file needs to be available to Windows in order for your program to access the functions utilized. The new versions of the M-Audio drivers will include the most up to date version of the driver which it will copy into the appropriate Windows subdirectory (SYSTEM for Windows 98/SE/ME and SYSTEM32 for Windows NT/2000/XP). Recognizing that future versions of the DELTAPNL.DLL driver file will be created in order to support enhancements to the M-Audio Delta products, it is important that the most up-to-date version of the driver be on the system. For this reason, any installation of 3rd party software making use of this DELTAPNL.DLL driver must include a version check to make sure that an older version of the driver distributed with the application is not allowed to overwrite more recent versions of the driver.
--- End quote ---

M Audio Delta1010 PCI Digital Recording System



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