Author Topic: pro tools le 6.1.1 for windows XP & audio Media III (2003)  (Read 8818 times)

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pro tools le 6.1.1 for windows XP & audio Media III (2003)
« on: April 23, 2015, 07:26:25 PM »
in .zip format
also supports digi 001, digi 002 (console + rack), mbox
requires a serial beginning with "DIGI0610"
requires a digidesign Interface (AudioMedia III PCI, Mbox, Digi001, Digi002 or Digi002"rack")

6.1 is the first version to include support for rewire connetivity between pro tools and
applications like Reason + Ableton + Digital Performer.

Pro Tools supports ReWire version 2.0 technol-
ogy developed by Propellerheads Software. Re-
Wire is available as a DigiRack RTAS plug-in for
Pro Tools TDM and LE systems on Windows XP
and Mac OS X.

ReWire provides real-time audio and MIDI
streaming between applications, with sample-
accurate synchronization and common trans-
port functionality.