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Redsound soundbite micro bpm engine, audio/midi synchronizer
« on: April 24, 2015, 08:52:36 AM »

Congratulations! By purchasing the new                              you
have joined an exclusive club of re-mixers and Djs who have
discovered the future of DJ’ing - using automatic loop samples to
remix tracks on the fly and mixing MIDI sequencer audio with
CD/Vinyl playback in real-time!
The loop sampler section is based on our successful
model. You can make 24-bit loop samples (at 96kHz) in real-time at
the touch of a button without missing a beat! What's more, you can
automatically sync together up to four loops with equal ease.
Previously, to make MIDI happen in time with music was a matter of
painstaking and time-consuming tweaking of MIDI tempos and
sound source pitch controls to keep them even remotely
At the heart of the                              is Red Sound's highly
acclaimed BPM Analysis Engine (now enhanced to ‘V3’ for
improved performance!), which shoulders the responsibility of
calculating the tempo of the music. This leaves you free to
concentrate on mixing the loop samples and/or adjusting the real-
time controls on your MIDI sequencer.
will definitely transform your live performance or
studio re-mix and one last thing: don't worry, you can't go wrong...
won't let you!
SoundBITE micro
SoundBITE micro
SoundBITE micro
SoundBITE micro
SoundBITE micro
SoundBITE micro
The                              automatically synchronises
audio and MIDI with key features to further simplify and enhance
your performance.
With straight-forward connections and setup, a compact palm-sized
case and fully portable battery operation, the                              will
integrate perfectly into any DJ/studio setup.