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digidesign 1622 i/o (1999) 16 x 20-bit analog inputs
« on: April 29, 2015, 03:38:26 AM »

Sixteen 20-bit analog inputs and two 24-bit analog outputs | Two channels of 24-bit S/PDIF I/O

With multiple I/O options available for Pro Tools®|24,
Digidesign delivers the reality of console replacement.
When paired with ProControl and a combination of
I/O peripherals, a Pro Tools®|24 system becomes the
central digital patchbay of the studio — one that is
controlled through software and is completely
recallable. The 1622 I/O is the latest addition to
Digidesign’s audio interface line, focusing on the
mixing needs of musicians and audio professionals.
The 1622 I/O is ideal for incorporating vast racks
of line-level devices such as MIDI and effects gear
into Pro Tools for mixing and recording. With 16
discrete input channels, the 1622 I/O provides a
high-quality, cost-effective option for connecting
your outboard gear into Pro Tools. The 16 analog
inputs provide balanced or unbalanced A/D conversion
using tip-ring-sleeve (TRS) connectors. A S/PDIF
port capable of 24-bit digital I/O allows you to
connect professional DAT recorders, CD players
and other digital recording media.

Each input on the 1622 I/O has software-controllable
gain to accommodate a wide variance of synthesizer/
sampler/effects unit output levels. These levels are
stored in the memory of the 1622 I/O even when
the unit is powered off. The 1622 I/O in conjunction
with Pro Tools software also acts as a virtual patch
bay, enabling you to change connections with just
one click. These two features allow the 1622 I/O to
work much like a hardware mixer for Pro Tools.

Dec 30, 1999 -- Digidesign’s new 1622I/O interface has arrived. Finally there is an affordable answer for Pro Tools customers who need many more inputs in their system than outputs. The $1595 (retail price) interface provides 16 balanced TRS inputs and two balanced TRS outputs, plus S/PDIF I/O. It also includes software programmable gain controls that are remembered so you can more easily interface it with the wide variety of “line level” gear out there.


Digidesign-approved Pro Tools® III PCI,
Pro Tools®|24 or Pro Tools®|24 MIX system.
(NuBus systems not supported)
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