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Author Topic: M-powered 7.4 paid upgrade from 7.3 - new features (2007)  (Read 1155 times)

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Elastic Audio is the big story in Pro Tools 7.4, but as ever, there are a number of less eyecatching yet useful enhancements:

    REX file handling has been improved, and you can now import REX files as Region Groups.
    It is now possible to change the waveform vertical zoom level on individual tracks by Ctrl (Windows: Start)dragging up or down with the Zoom tool. If you zoom an individual audio track, or group of tracks, the waveform display on that track remains offset when you zoom all tracks, unless you reset the waveform height.
    If there are no tracks in the Session, and you import a tickbased audio file, Pro Tools will give you the option of importing the tempo from the file.
    In Pro Tools HD 7.4, stereo surround panners are now linked by default, so when you create a stereo track that is routed to a multichannel output, the left and right pan controls are linked, as well as the Front Inverse, which inverts Left and Right pan control linkage across front and the Rear Inverse, which inverts Left and Right pan control linkage across rear. The Front/Rear Inverse pan control remains unlinked by default.
    When you open a Session with missing files, the Missing Files dialogue now includes the option to Regenerate Missing Rendered Files Without Searching. This is great when you know that the missing files are only fades and so on that can easily be regenerated.
    Pro Tools now supports receiving MIDI over Rewire, allowing you to route the MIDI output from a client application such as Reason to the input of a Pro Tools MIDI or Instrument track. This is especially useful for recording changes to parameters in a Rewire client application onto a Pro Tools MIDI track.
    Pro Tools 7.4 LE now has on/off footswitch support for 003, 003 Rack, 002, 002 Rack and M Box 2 Pro interfaces, and the ability to punch in and out with a footswitch has been added to the M Box 2 Pro.