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Author Topic: M-powered 8.0 paid upgrade from 7.4 - new features (2008)  (Read 1339 times)

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** windows 7 32bit requires v8.04+ of m-powered
for vista 32bit you can use v7.4 or ay version between v8.0 - v8.05
below that you need to use windows XP

New Features in Pro Tools LE and M-Powered 8.0
Pro Tools LE and M-Powered 8.0 include the following new or enhanced features:
General Pro Tools Features and Enhancements
•  Improved, modernized user interface
•  Support for up to 48 tracks (mono or stereo)
•  Support for mixed audio file formats
•ProTools® Quick Start dialog for quickly and
easily creating new sessions from templates,
from scratch, or opening existing ones
•  New Session Templates
•  Auto-update Notification and Checking for Software Updates
•  Open Session with Plug-ins Deactivated
•  Improved window management:
•Tile windows
•Cascade windows
•  Window Configurations include Score Editor window and targeted MIDI Editor window
•  Improved Color Palette
• New RTAS ®  Hardware Buffer Settings
•  Increased Audio File Size Limit
•  Increased Waveform Resolution
•  Support for QuickTime HD and SD playback
using a Digidesign-qualified Blackmagic Deck-
Link video card (Mac Only)
•  MIDI Beat Clock Sample Offset on a port-by-port basis

What’s New in Pro Tools LE and M-Powered 8.0
Increased Track Counts for Pro Tools LE and M-Powered
Pro Tools LE and M-Powered now support up to 48 tracks (96 available voices), mono or stereo, at both 48 kHz and 96 kHz.