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Author Topic: protools plugin floppy authorization w/ imation superdisk, Udrive, VST floppy  (Read 2048 times)

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Challenge/Response authorizations for plug-ins are disabled in PT 5.1. Therefore, you will need to re-authorize Bruno-Reso with a floppy.

-Currently, the only supported devices for the B&W G3 andG4 is the Imation SuperDisk, the Newer Technology Udrive and the VST Floppy Drive (model FDUSB-M).
The Udrive requires version 1.0 of its drivers available at:

The Imation SuperDisk requires these drivers:
-USBSuperDiskClassDriver v3.3
-USBSuperDiskUTDriver v3.3
both of these extensions are available (as a single download) from the following URL:

The VST Floppy Drive requires the following driver:
-USB Floppy Support 2.1.5 — installed by the VST CD and (v2.1.6) is available at:

All drives require the following extension:
-USB Floppy Enabler 2.1f1 (or later) --- available at: