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486 cpu comparison benchmarks
« on: August 28, 2015, 09:16:29 AM »

The Ultimate 486 Benchmark Comparison

In this study, 28 socket 3 CPUs were tested under identical conditions using 23 different benchmark programs. It is believed that this work is the most comprehensive 486 comparison to-date. The intent was to identify each CPU's relative performance to that of a Socket 5/7, Intel Pentium 100 (P54C). The names of the employed benchmark programs, and of which tests were run, can be found on the charts in Appendices 1 2. The test results are broken down into ALU, FPU, and overall performances. This methodology was decided upon as some applications are heavily ALU-specific, as with general clickidy-click Windows use, while others are largely FPU-specific, as with 3D games and mpeg/mp3 playback. The combinations of these tests are averaged in the Overall Performance chart.