Author Topic: does Cubase Elements 6 work on XP 32bit? YES  (Read 2134 times)

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does Cubase Elements 6 work on XP 32bit? YES
« on: August 28, 2015, 10:41:03 AM »
a tech/support agent for yamaha suggested that it might
just now ive confirmed that Cubase Elements 6 will install + launch on XP 32 bit
this is mentioned in this video aswell, in regard to the full version of Cubase
even tho official requirements state windows 7 as a requirement aswell as 2gb of ram + an intel cpu

elements 6 can be downloaded here:
requires a valid license on an e-licenser for elements 6, 7, 8

****cubase elements 6 made the laptop i tested this on BLUE SCREEN when run, but it did run, but would not launch fully
others have reportedly been able to run Cubase 6 just fine on XP im not sure why i got this result..
it may have had something to do with my Mackie onyx i mixer firewire drivers!!!!!! more investigation needed on my part

**** UPDATE the above crash was resolved by removing the REALTEK AUDIO DRIVER for the built in audio sound card in the laptop
perhaps this is because this audiohardware doesnt have a real asio driver support? im not sure why but removing the driver has fixed the problem with cubase - no more BSOD crash

i also updated Quicktime on Windows XP to version 7.76 im not sure if that played a part aswell

afterwards i redownloaded + installed the realtek driver for my built in audio hardware for the laptop + it isnt interfering with launching cubase any longer! so perhaps the real reason was some type of error with the driver files... removing + reinstalling the driver seems to fix it

heres another thread about 6 wrking on XP
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