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E-MU Sound Engine (1995) midi interface / GM MIDI Module
« on: September 02, 2015, 09:03:53 AM »

The EMU SoundEngine 16-bit Digital Sampled Tones are AWESOME!!!

EMU SoundEngine Music Module 16-bit Digital Sampler: Part # 9047. The EMU has been tested and works great!! The unit integrates 16-bit Digitally Sampled Sounds with easy to use features and an MIDI Interface. More features of this unit are listed below. The EMU Module, MIDI Specs Sheets, and Power Adapter are included.

The EMU SoundEngine is one of the first offerings of a General MIDI device, and is certainly unique and collectible. This half-rack piece of gear is, essentially, a two preset bank GM Rack module that features the ability to function in a 'Proteus Clone' mode, (with the exception of the sample ROM ), and features...
32-voice/note polyphony,
16-part mufti-timbrality,
384 programmable presets,
16-bit Digital Sampling
128 General MIDI Sound Presets
64 different drum kits/sets
Onboard Digital Sound Effects with Reverb and Chorus
16-Channel MIDI Capability
Produces 32 different sounds simultaneously
Select Buttons with LED Light Indicators
Two digital effects processors
Mac computer interface, plus a variety of other features
Can be used with an MIDI Sequencer, a Stand-Alone Sound Module, or a MIDI interface
Inputs/Outputs: MIDI input, MIDI output, MIDI pass-through,
Inputs/Outputs: 8-Pin Mac Serial Printer/Modem port, 8-Pin Serial Mac Computer Connector,
Inputs/Outputs: L/R RCA Composite Audio input, L/R RCA Composite Audio Output
Operates on (included) AC Power Adapter