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having the ability to mix your levels on the faders as you record is just something that anyone would expect you should be able to do in any recording setup, be it home or pro studio, but not each setup will allow for this type of workflow with most mixers these days designed for recording live performances unmixed, to allow for freedom to make these changes after the performance in post production style... these mixers allow you to run your effects on each seperate chanel + record that wet signal to its own seperate track backinside your daw, providing you have an audio interface thats a good match up for the mixer...

studiomaster p7 (1993)

Mackie cr1604 (1990)

8ch source / 8ch monitor (split monitoring)

mackie micro series 1202 vlz (1996)

Mackie CR-1604 VLZ (1996)

--- Quote ---The 1604VLZ is still very much a general-purpose mixer, with 16 mono mic/line channels and four stereo effects returns, but unlike its VLZ-less forebear, the VLZ version now has true 4-buss routing in addition to L-R routing. Faders are used to control the channel gains, the four buss output levels and the main stereo output. Each channel sports a switchable 75Hz, 18dB/octave, low-cut filter, as well as a TRS jack insert point.
--- End quote --- manual dates this as being 1997
8 direct outs + 4 sub outs
+ 6 aux sends means you can get a dedicated out for each channel into a daw with this board with 2 pair for your monitor sends left over

mackie 1604 VLZ PRO (1999)

mackie 1642 VLZ PRO(1998-2000) (manual says copyright 1998 in diagrams)

mackie 1642 vlz3 (2007)

mackie 1604 VLZ3 (2007)

mackie onyx 1220 (2003)

mackie onyx 1620 (2004)

--- Quote ---You can even daisy-chain two 16-channel Onyx mixers via FireWire and send a whopping 32 mic signals right to your laptop. (note this applies to "onyx" series not "onyx-i" series)
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---One unusual feature of this mixer is that the channel direct outputs emerge as balanced line signals on a pair of 25-way D-Sub connectors on the back of the mixer, and not as separate jacks. While this undoubtedly saves both cost and space and puts all the outputs in one place for when the Firewire card is fitted, D-Subs are a right royal pain in the proverbial if you decide to wire them yourself, and it means you're pretty much forced to use a patchbay with them. My best advice is to buy them ready-made, but at least the wiring protocol is the same as for Tascam's analogue D-Sub cables (not the TDIF digital ones) so they can be bought off the shelf.
--- End quote ---

mackie onyx 1640 (2004)

soundcraft m4 (2001)

soundcraft m8 (2001)

soundcraft m12 (2001)

Soundcraft Spirit FX8 (1997)
my top pick for project studio due to a number of combined features
a perfect fit for the delta 1010LT or edirol ua-101,fa-101 (8-10channel audio interfaces)
pre/post fader-switchable direct outs, lexicon built in effects

Soundcraft FX16 (1997)

Soundcraft FX16II (2009-2010)

Soundcraft Spirit Folio SX (1996)
pre/post fader-switch direct outs, no effects

Alesis Studio 32 (1998)

Behringer eurorack ub2442fx (2002-2003)

Behringer eurorack xenyx 2442fx (2006)
an updated version of the 2002 ub2442fx (Which seems to be based originally on mackies 1642 series)

--- Quote ---The Xenyx range of analogue mixers offers improved sound quality and USB interfacing with computers, plus the extremely competitive pricing we've come to expect from Behringer
--- End quote ---

Mackie 24-8 Bus (1995) 24 track

Tascam m1024 (1992?) 24 track

Mackie 32-8 Bus (1995) 32 track


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