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MKS-20 Digital Piano Soundfont "P20" by PrecisionSound




--- Quote ---PS20 features
All 8 MKS-20 presets sampled in full range from –A to C7 (Piano 1, Piano 2, Piano 3, E-Piano 1, E-Piano 1, Clavi, Harpsichord, Vibraphone).
Up to 6 velocity layers and 4 samples in each velocity layers per octave.
1,200 24bit mono WAV files and 8 programs in NI Kontakt, HALion and SoundFont format (16bit).
The SoundFont version is 100% compatible with Gigastudio, EXS24 and all virtual samplers supporting the SoundFont format on both MAC and PC.

PS20 – Vintage Digital is available for download for $49 USD (+$11 USD for optional CD-Rom).
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