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Author Topic: akai mpc 4000 (2002) sampler / sequencer  (Read 5851 times)

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  • "Vintage MIDI Sequencing + Audio Production"
    • | vintage audio production software + hardware info
Re: akai mpc 4000 (2002) sampler / sequencer
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2018, 02:05:41 PM »

The New MPC4000 by Akai Professionals

The most powerful MPC ever takes its rightful position in our Akai Professional product line. Along with the MPC2000XL, and the MFC equipped Ultimate XL the MPC4000 joins the legendary music production tools of our time. Using the new Z-96 sampling engine the MPC4000 boasts the first full feature sampler ever in an MPC product.

A few of the benefits of the new MPC4000 include:
The new Z-96 sampling engine, combined with a high-performance Intel™ CPU provides ultra-fast processing and 24-bit audio resolution with sample rates up to 96kHz
64-voices, or 32 voices at 96kHz sample rate
272 MB on-board memory, expandable to a massive 512 MB
Balanced stereo XLR-1/4-inch TRS combo inputs with reference-grade preamps, with switchable phono inputs to allow direct connection of turntables
Four MIDI OUT ports control up to 64 independent MIDI channels
Four Q-Link™ knobs, and two note variation sliders for real-time modulation control
Real-time control of filter cutoff, resonance, pitch, LFO rate and depth - and more
IntelliSample automates sampling, naming, program creation and sample assignment
Virtual sampling streams sample playback directly from hard disk*
Full sampler implementation provides compatibility with Z-Series and S-Series Multi, Program and Sample files. The MPC4000 can create everything from powerful beats, to expressive piano and strings parts
New 4-channel 56-bit effects processor (standard)
USB host port accommodates USB floppy, CD-R, HD, MO, ZIP drives for storage, and an ASCII keyboard for naming
USB slave port provides for ak.Sys Network and Control System software
192 filters/26 filter types with to 3 simultaneous filters per voice
Dual independent LFOs with internal/external modulation control
Internal 60 GB IDE hard drive (North America Only) plus external SCSI connection
Built-in sample rate converter on the digital input to eliminate rate-matching problems
Large 320 x 240, multi-angle graphic LCD
FAT32 disk format is fully compatible with S5000,S6000, Z4, Z8, DPS24*, and most PC's
Native .WAV sample format allows data sharing with anything supporting .WAV files
Built-in CD Recorder ( standard in North America Only) for master archiving* or Sample Loading
ak.Sys Control & Networking software enables Mac and PC connection via on-board USB interface
Two assignable footswitch inputs
Wordclock input for sync with external digital devices (optional)
Graphical sequence event editing
Memory meters display remaining free sampler memory, sequence memory and CPU memory
Audition samples directly from hard disk*
Graphic editing of sample waveforms
Six pad banks provide quick access to up to 96 different sounds
SMPTE I/O Standard
And Much, Much more!

IB4D S/PDIF 2 channel digital I/O with WordClock input

IB4ADT 2 IN/8 OUT ADAT optical I/O

IB48P 8 channel analog output board

* Future update