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expansion SO-PCM1 cards for JV880 (1992)


originally sold for 70 uk pounds (140$) per card

--- Quote --- This series of 1 and 2 Mbyte cards for the JV-80, JV-880, JV-90, JV-1000,
JD-800, JD-990 and JV-1080 consists of incredibly high-quality sounds that take
advantage of these instruments' powerful capabilities. Each card contains patch
data and wave data, so you can instantly get at these great sounds.

The SO-PCM cards that were manufactured are:

SO-PCM1-01 Piano Selections
SO-PCM1-02 Guitar and Brass
SO-PCM1-03 Rock Drums
SO-PCM1-04 Grand Piano
SO-PCM1-05 Accordion
SO-PCM1-06 Baroque
SO-PCM1-07 Orchestral FX*
SO-PCM1-08 County/Folk/Bluegrass*

* 2 Megabyte cards - not compatible with the JD-800.
* These card are no longer available from Roland.

SO-PCM cards provide waveforms AND patches for all models except the JD-800 (only waveforms).

also please note that all of these sounds were available on one expansion board:
SR-JV80-07 Super SoundSet

--- End quote ---


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