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Alesis Ai3 (2000)
« on: November 02, 2015, 04:11:32 AM »

Alesis have introduced the AI3 audio interface. When connected to the ADAT Edit via the ADAT 8-channel optical interface, the 1U-rackmounting AI3 adds eight 24-bit balanced analogue ins and outs to software using the PCI card for audio I/O. Priced at £449 including VAT, the AI3 will also obviously work with any device supporting the widespread ADAT interfacing standard -- other PCI cards, samplers, digital mixing desks, and so on. Inputs and outputs are on TRS jacks, and the A-D and D-A converters are 128x oversampling. The front panel of the unit features signal/clip input indicators, a +4dB/-10dB operating-level switch, an internal power supply and a source switch to select whether the eight analogue inputs or the ADAT optical input will be sent to the ADAT optical output.