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expansion DATA cards for JV880 (1992)

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There are a total of 7 pre-programmed patch data cards available + some blank user-defineable memory cards for storing your own patches.

the first 3 data cards require the SR-JV80-01 pop expansion board, PN-JV80-06 requires the SR-JV80-02 board
PN-JV80-04 + PN-JV80-05 require no addon boards and work with the included waveforms that are built into the JV.

--- Quote ---What data cards are available?
The Roland Data Cards are credit card sized and slot into the back of most of the JV range synths, and in the front of the modules. They contain patches and performances, but do not contain any new waveforms. Most cards contain 64 patches and 16 performances.
There are two memory cards: M-256E and M-512E. These allow your to store your own patches/performances on the card.

Below is a list of Data Cards in the Roland Sound Library for the JV-80, JV-880, JV-90, JV-1000 & JV-1080:

Rich Sound Collection 1 (PN-JV80-01) for use with POP expansion board. ***only use if u own SR-JV80-01!
Multi Timbral Sounds 1 (PN-JV80-02) for use with POP expansion board. ***only use if u own SR-JV80-01!
Multi Timbral Sounds 2 (PN-JV80-03) for use with POP expansion board. ***only use if u own SR-JV80-01!

Rich Sound Collection 2 (PN-JV80-04) uses internal waveforms. ***anyone can buy + use this card

Contemorary Composer (PN-JV80-05) uses internal waveforms. ***anyone can buy + use this card

Rich Sound Collection 3 (PN-JV80-06) for use with ORCHESTRAL expansion board. ***only use if u own SR-JV80-02!!

Rich Sound Collection 4 (PN-JV80-07) from JV-1000 preset patches. ***only use if u own a JV-1000 workstation keyboard!

Memory Card (M-256E) 32K programmable memory data card, which can store 64 Patches, 16 Performances and 1 Rhythm kit.
Memory Card (M-512E) 64K programmable memory data card, which can store 128Patches, 32 Performances and 2 Rhythm kits.
--- End quote ---
this article makes reference to the original pricing of the expansion items at the bottom

I've found that using these cards in a JV-2080 seems to call up the wrong expansion card slot, always picking whatever is in slot 1.    I suspect it's because they were originally designed for the JV80 which only has a single slot, so the patches perhaps don't contain the "Wave Group ID" value which on most JV / XP synths contains the card model number (e.g. "2" for an SR-JV80-02).

 I didn't yet try to replicate this in my JV-1080.

Is this documented anywhere?

i think its possible these cards may only be compatible with the keyboard jv-80 And not the jv-880
im trying to confirm if anyones got them to function properly in a jv880 unit with the 01 expansion pop board

I own the PN-JV80-07 Rich Sound Collection 4.   
The user booklet indicates the card is for the JV-80 and JV-880, not the JV-1000.

Card works fine in my JV-1080 and JV-2080.

The card patches are from the JV-1000, so only using this card in a JV-1000 is redundant (already has these patches).

These patches only use the common waveforms found in both the JV-1000 and JV80/880 (and JV1080/2080).
(Some of the JV1000 Rhythm waves are missing on the JV880, so the card substitutes a valid JV80/880 waveform)

Regarding Ray's question about using JV-2080 slot A for SR-JV80 expansion cards, refer to page 10 of JV-2080 manual.

It states: Some sound library cards contain Patches which use
waves that are found on optional wave expansion boards.
If you are using such a sound library card together with
multiple types of wave expansion board, be sure that the
appropriate board is installed in the EXP A slot.

I believe this applies to:
Sound library cards PN-JV80-01, 02, 03 for wave expansion board SR-JV80-01 (Pop)
Sound library card: PN-JV80-06 for wave expansion board SR-JV80-02 (Orchestral)


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