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Author Topic: Cubase' VST technology timeline (before & Leading up to VST 4.0) (96-99)  (Read 1805 times)

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following is an exerpt from wizoo guide to cubase VST Macintosh

May 1996VST Macintosh  3.0-First VST Version for Macintosh PPC
-Multi-track Audio recordn with routing to stereo master
-Audio mixer with automation, EQs, 4 aux paths
-Send Effects rack with chorus, espacial, auto pan, + stereo echo
-Internal Track bouncing for Audio, although /w static mixer settings only
-during this time cubase 2.80 was current for the PC version
December 1996VST Macintosh  3.02-ASIO driver system for diverse hardware integration
-ASIO driver for PPC-AV (macintosh Internal), Digidesign Audio-media III, And Korg 1212 i/o
-Plugin concept for flexible internal effects expansions
-Tun-a Integrated as a new send plugin
-Seperate effects rack for the stereo master signal, initially with stereo wizard only
-track bouncing now including all effects and automation data
-support of various formats for flexible audio import + Export
August 1997VST Macintosh  3.5-seperate access to all audio inputs + outputs in conjunction with multi i/o audio hardware (amIII, 1212) via a flexible audio routing system
-new channel plugins: chorus2, electrofuzz, wunderverb3
-new master plugin scorpion
-backup option via dat stream
October 1997VST Windows 3.5-first VST version for windows PC
-features virtually identical to VST Macintosh  3.5 (without dat stream)
-ASIO driver concept /w interface to MME-compatible audio hardware and multi-i/o audio routing for audio card /w the requisite features
-send and master effects are much like the concept and features of VST Macintosh  3.5 although this version included a directx interface for connecting direct-x compatible plugins
February 1998VST Windows 3.55-effects inserts for audio channels, improved interface to directx plugins
-import of rex files from recycle, flexible audio import
-direct interface to audio cards from directsound drivers
March 1998VST Windows 3.551-optimized drivers for enhanced synchronization between midi and audio
-most important new feature: internal vst filter with variable high-quality mode (steinberg wavelab eq-1 algorithm)
July 1998VST Macintosh  4.0-Major update with comprehensive improvements including:
-increase of the internal resolution from 960ppq to 15,360 ppq
-8 send fx, fx inserts of the pc version 3.55
-high quality eq of the pc version 3.551
-audio mixer /w subgroups + fx inserts (independant of audio hardware)
-ReWire function for connecting the vst mixer to the virtual drum machine propellerheads rebirth 338 v2.0: up to 20 audio signals can be routed from rebirth directly to different vst mixer channels
-marker track, folder tracks
-definable window sets + key combinations
-groove box (midi realtime quantizing w/ faders)
-new midi toolbox
-more than 300 new score features
All new stuff in VST Macintosh  4.0 will gradually be integrated in vst windows versions however according to steinberg a similar major update such as cubase vst 4.0 mac will not be released for windows pcs.