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Author Topic: Get Cubase LE for free!  (Read 24413 times)

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Get Cubase LE for free!
« on: August 19, 2014, 04:37:42 PM »
^ requires purchase of hardware bundled with cubase LE (of which there are many)

but the post below details a way to get this without even a purchase
im not sure how this works but theres the link

im still trying to investigate if thers a way to get Cubase LE 7 or LE 6 for free

cubase LE 1.08 for mac os X tiger (w/ ReWire support)
min. requirements: G3/G4 CPU, 256MB, Jaguar,Panther,Tiger / kf8ldve (can be updated to 1.10 to gain an additional stereo in)

cubase LE 1.08 for windows xp (w/ ReWire support)
min. requirements: Pentium 500mhz, 256MB windows 2000 / Windows XP / pk7yzul (can be updated to 1.10 to gain an additional stereo in)

**note: there is no cubase le v2 or v3

cubase LE4 - can be made available upon request
min. requirements: G4 867mhz, Panther/Tiger or intel 1ghz+ WinXP, VISTA
this filename seems to indicate a compatibility fix for snow leopard, but this product was originally for panther/tiger

cubase LE5 - hx3oa48b13334x1/Cubase+LE+5.dmg
min. requirements: G4 867mhz, Leopard or intel 1ghz+ WinXP, VISTA

cubase LE 6 (no ReWire support)
min. requirements: Intel Mac, Snow Leopard or Intel PC Windows 7 / pmwzgw9
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