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this article mentions audiomedia. maybe the audiomedia 1 card came out in 1990?


Pro Tools 4.0.1 NuBus Systems Compatibility

--- Quote ---Digidesign Cards

Audiomedia II

Required Software Components

DAE3.1.1 & DigiSystem INIT 3.1.1
Pro Tools 4.0.1
PowerMix 1.1.24

Third-Party Video Capture Cards

Radius Videovision Studio
Truevision Targa 20006
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Optional Digidesign Hardware

SampleCell II - NuBus

Optional Digidesign Software

MasterList CD 1.3
SampleCell Editor 2.1.1 (w/SampleCell II)
Session Software 2.0 (Macintosh)
Sound Designer II 2.82

Computer Requirements

• Apple System software v7.5.3 or higher
• 32 MB RAM minimum, 48 MB recommended (Additional RAM required for simultaneous use with MIDI sequencers. Virtual memory is not supported).
• Opcode OMS software v2.3 or higher (supplied)
• Apple QuickTime v2.5 or higher (supplied)
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Supported CPU Models & Speeds

Apple Computer

Quadra 950
Quadra 900
Quadra 840av
Quadra 800
Quadra 700
Quadra 650
Power Macintosh 6100 all speeds
Power Macintosh 7100 all speeds
Power Macintosh 8100 all speeds

Power Computing

Power 100 all speeds

--- End quote ---

The new Wavelink (£TBA) provides analogue audio outputs for the MOTU Digital Waveboard, a £1,395 Mac NuBus card that provides 16-bit, 44.1kHz direct to disk recording for the Mac II series, and includes built in S/PDIF digital audio I/O.

However, the Waveboard seems overpriced compared with Digidesign's new Audiomedia II NuBus card, which includes both S/PDIF and analogue I/O, yet retails for only £899. Another blow to the Waveboard is that Audiomedia II is supplied with Sound Designer II 2.0, the Sound Tools stereo waveform editing/playlisting/DSP software. At present, the only software the Waveboard supports is Digital Performer. However, MOTU would say in their defence that the Waveboard has its own onboard SCSI, and so less powerful Macs should run applications software only. The Waveboard also includes an onboard slot for expansion to play back four tracks, though these will be internally mixed to stereo, since the Waveboard itself offers only S/PDIF (ie. a stereo) output.

Like Audiomedia II, Sound Tools II (£3,495) offers two simultaneous audio tracks; however, Sound Tools II is expandable to four tracks (each with its own independent output) with the addition of an accelerator card (£TBA). Despite Audiomedia's 2-track limitation, rumours suggest that Cubase Audio may be able to support two Audiomedia II cards in one Mac, thereby providing 4-track simultaneous playback, though probably not recording.

Not surprisingly, the original Sound Tools system and the Audiomedia card have been discontinued, unlike SampleCell (£2,420 with 8MB RAM), a NuBus card that turns the Mac into a professional 16-bit sampler and includes a 630MB sound library on CD-ROM disk.

Pro Deck, the multitrack tapeless recording software, previously only available with Pro Tools, can now be purchased separately (£399) for use with Sound Tools II. Pro Tools itself is still going strong, at £6,122.97 for the basic four independent simultaneous track system (which includes Pro Deck and waveform editing software), four extra independent tracks for £3,499, and each additional eight tracks costing £3,499.


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