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Author Topic: oberheim matrix 6 (1986)  (Read 3728 times)

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Re: oberheim matrix 6 (1986)
« Reply #2 on: April 14, 2020, 01:36:57 PM »
Some tips & tricks on the Matrix 6R (had one, miss it!)

It has an assignable stereo out so you can send each layer out of the seperate outputs.
If you make a patch, duplicate it, detune then layer, send both on seperate outputs you gain a lot of headroom.
Mix, pan and EQ the two layers differently = massive sound and a lot of bottom end.

Another one;
the Pedal input is an assignable CV source in the Modulation Matrix.
It can be used to trigger the Filter Env. for example and thus synchronizing the synth to analog pulses. (You would then either sequence the synth via MIDI or play it live, opening the VCA "live", sort of a pseudo arpeggiator)

One more:
The Mono/Guitar Mode is interesting;
6 seperate mono voices on 6 MIDI Tracks.
Makes for some strange rhytmhic sequencing opportunities!