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Author Topic: PT6: What's Changed from Pro Tools 5.x for OS 9?  (Read 1982 times)

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PT6: What's Changed from Pro Tools 5.x for OS 9?
« on: August 21, 2014, 10:58:30 PM »

Pro Tools 6 Compatibility: What's Changed from Pro Tools 5.x for OS 9

See also: What's New in Pro Tools 6.1 at the bottom of this page.

Newly Supported:

    DigiTranslator 2.0 on Mac LE
    ATTO ExpressStripe Disk Utility
    DigiDrive Storage Manager (For DigiDrive SCSI Drives only) [ Download Here ]
    ATI Radeon 8500 Macintosh Edition display card
    Aurora Igniter LT/IgniterX Lite video capture card

No Longer Supported (Explicitly Will Not Work)

    SampleCell II Card [ more information ]
    SampleCell II TDM Module
    SampleCell Editor
    Soft SampleCell [ more information ]
    MasterList CD [ more information ]
    Export as RealAudio format
    AVoption (ABVB video)
    Pinnacle MiroMotion DC30+ video capture card *
    Aurora Fuse video capture card *
    Appian Jeronimo 2000 dual monitor card *
    ProMAX DH-Max Dual monitor card *
    ATTO Express Pro Tools disk utility
    DigiDriveTuner [ Replaced by DigiDrive Storage Manager: Download Here ]
    Floppy disk authorizations **
    GeeThree Stealth Port for G4 modem-serial converter ***
    Griffin gPort II modem-serial converter ***

* Not supported by manufacturer with Mac OS X
** Not compatible with Mac OS X
*** Modem-to-serial port adapters and serial MIDI devices are not supported with Pro Tools systems for Mac OS X. Only USB MIDI interfaces (or the Digi 001, 002 and 002 Rack built-in MIDI interfaces) are supported with Pro Tools systems for Mac OS X.

May work but will not be tested with Pro Tools 6:

    ATTO EPCI Single-channel SCSI HBA
    Adaptec SCSI HBA cards
    SBS 13-slot chassis Model DD23
    SBS 7-slot chassis DD22 (not the Digidesign version)
    Magma 7-slot chassis model P7R/P7RQ

DirectConnect and Mac OS X

DirectConnect is not compatible with Pro Tools 6 or Mac OS X. For more information, please see the following:

    DirectConnect and Mac OS X

Unsupported Pro Tools Options and Expected Support Time Frame

Pro Tools 6.1 software does not include support for the following features and options. Digidesign plans to add support with a Pro Tools release in Q3 2003:

    Avid Unity MediaNetwork Shared Storage Systems

Pro Tools 6.1 adds support for the following, previously not supported in Pro Tools 6.0 and 6.0.1:


Pro Tools 6.1 New Features: What's Changed from Pro Tools 6.0 for Mac OS X

Pro Tools 6.1 on Mac OS X includes the following new or enhanced features from Pro Tools 6.0.x:

    AVoption|XL and FilmFrame 2.0 support (Pro Tools TDM systems only)

    DigiBase browser display of OMF video metadata

    Support for Advanced Authoring Format (AAF) with DigiTranslator 2.0

    New plug-ins and processing features

        New interface for DigiRack plug-ins

        New DigiRack ReWire plug-in

        Waves Time Shifter and TC/E Plug-In Preference

    Support for DigiTranslator 2.0 on Digi 002 and Digi 002 Rack systems

    DV Toolkit Option for Pro Tools LE

    Up to 32 levels of Undo

    Scroll Wheel navigation of Pro Tools windows

For more information and details on all new features added in Pro Tools 6.0 & 6.1 for Mac OS X and Pro Tools 6.1 for Windows XP, see the "What's New in Pro Tools 6.1" document in the Support/Tech Support section in the Technical Document Library