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Engine Multitrack sequencer by Social Entropy
« on: November 16, 2015, 01:05:26 AM »

Engine is a powerful multitrack step sequencer with 8 polyphonic tracks for recording both melodic and percussion patterns. Pattern chaining, snapshots and a song mode help move your ideas from simple loops to completed songs. The six performance knobs can be used to control external devices or the built-in performance effects system, which includes velocity and gate offsets and ratcheting. Engine includes comprehensive editing features to fine tune your performance, with rotation, cut/copy/paste for both patterns and individual steps.

8 Polyphonic Tracks
Each of the eight tracks can be programmed with individual time settings for scale, length, shuffle and skipped steps. This allows for experimenting with polymeters and polyrhythms. Synth type patterns can record and play up to four notes of polyphony, while drum type patterns have eight notes of polyphony.
512 Patterns
Each track has 4 banks of 16 patterns, for a total of 512 patterns. A pattern can be up to 64 steps in length, and patterns can be chained together for even longer passages, up to 1024 steps!
64 Snapshots
64 snapshots allow you to store settings across all eight tracks for quick recall. This includes things like selected patterns and pattern chains, track mutes, transpose and individual drum mutes. Snapshots make it easy to construct songs on the fly.
32 Songs
Entire performances can be performed using the 32 songs. Songs are created as a sequence of snapshots that can be programmed or recorded in realtime.
6 Control Knobs
The 6 knobs can be used to send MIDI control messages or control voltages with the optional CV expansion. This makes Engine the perfect studio centerpiece.