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eric persing - sound programmer
« on: November 16, 2015, 03:14:31 AM »

Spectrasonics Studio     
     The equipment list for the Spectrasonics studio reads like a gear-head's dream. Favourites amongst Eric's sizeable synthesizer collection include the Access Virus, the Prophet VS, his collection of Waldorf synthesizers, and a 1976 Yamaha CS80. "It's my favourite axe to play, because of the awesome polyphonic aftertouch and that sensuous ribbon," explains Eric.

For effects processing Eric is a fan of the Roland SRV330 reverb, an item that "gets missed by most people, mainly because it doesn't say Lexicon on the front panel." For distortion tricks Eric often uses a rare Boss GL100 guitar preamp: "It's basically the history of Boss pedals in one rack space."

Mixing, until recently, was done on some "very odd, custom-made analogue mixers made by a guy named Mo West," reveals Eric. He recently purchased a Roland VM 7000-series mixer, however, taking him one step closer to an all-digital setup.

• Roland S760 and S770
• Kurzweill K2000
• Bitheadz Unity DS1 (running on an Apple Macintosh G4)

• Access Virus
• Clavia Nord Lead
• Doepfer modular synth
• Emu modular synth
• Moog Minimoog (modified by Studio Electronics)
• Oberheim SEMs
• Polyfusion modular synth
• Roland JP8000 prototypes & production units
• Roland JP8080
• Roland JD800/990
• Roland Jupiter 8
• Roland JV1080 and 2080
• Roland MKS50 Alpha Juno
• Roland MKS80 Super Jupiter
• Roland System 700 and 100m modular synths
• Roland MC303
• Roland MC505
• Roland TB303
• Roland TR808
• Roland TR909
• Korg EX8000
• Korg M1R
• Korg Mono/Poly
• Sequential Circuits Prophet VS
• Waldorf Wave, Microwave, Microwave XT
• Yamaha CS80

• Alchemy
• Arboretum HyperEngine
• Arboretum Hyperprism plug-in pack
• Arboretum Ionizer
• Arboretum Raygun noise-reduction plug-in
• Antares Infinity
• BIAS Peak audio editor
• BIAS SFX machine effects
• Emagic Logic Audio Platinum
• Emagic Sound Diver synth editor/librarian
• Fireball
• GRM Tools plug-in pack
• Metasynth
• Opcode Vinyl, Vocode & Filter plug-ins
• Propellerheadz Rebirth soft synth
• Prosoniq SonicWorx Artist effects
• Steinberg Magneto tape-saturation emulator
• Steinberg ReCycle sample editor
• Thonk soft synth
• Region Munger
• Transfer Station
• Samplifier sample transfer software
• Saturator
• Sound Morph
• Sound Hack audio editor
• Unisyn synth editor
• Waveboy Voder

• AMS RMX reverb
• API 5502 equaliser
• Boss GL100 guitar driver
• Boss SE70 multi-effects
• Dimension beam controller
• Euphonics mixing console
• Eventide DSP4000 & H3500 harmonizers
• GML stereo parametric EQ
• Innovonics compressors
• Langevin passive equalisers
• Lexicon PCM70/80/480 reverbs
• MXR Distortion Plus
• Quest custom mixers
• Roland Dimension D & C processors
• Roland RSP550 multi-effects
• Roland RSS10 3-dimensional effects
• Roland SDE330 delay
• Roland SDX330 chorus
• Roland SRV330 reverb
• Roland SVC330 vocoder
• TC Electronics Fireworx multi-effects
• Summit tube mic preamps