Author Topic: Universal Audio 2192 (2003) stereo A‑D/D‑A  (Read 1494 times)

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Universal Audio 2192 (2003) stereo A‑D/D‑A
« on: November 20, 2015, 02:27:52 AM »

The market for stand-alone stereo converters has diminished somewhat with the increasing dominance of Firewire and USB-based audio interfaces, but there's still some serious competition around. The 2192 Master stands comparison with devices such as Apogee's Rosetta 200, the Lavry Blue and Burl's separate B2 Bomber DAC and ADC units. The Prism Sound Orpheus is a superb contender offering rather more functionality. If you want a less coloured sound, there are more affordable units available from the likes of Drawmer, Benchmark and RME.