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Author Topic: Reason 2.5? WHY??!! You gotta get Reason 8, Man!  (Read 2748 times)

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Reason 2.5? WHY??!! You gotta get Reason 8, Man!
« on: November 29, 2015, 08:56:23 AM »
Hello people...
    Seems like no matter where you go on the net there are a butt load of DAW experts that feel getting a newer version of a DAW is 'trading up'. In other words since I am using Reason 2.5 here in 2015 then I am crazy & it should be discarded so I can 'advance' 6 versions forward. I guess I should throw out my '79 strat as well as it is just too old too. I think those here would understand better so the reason (pun) for this post. I have tried all versions from 2 to 6 starting with 6 and working down to 2. Here are the great points of using an older reason version-

1- Extremely low CPU usage...Found version 2.5 best for this, I can have a billion tracks going on a 7 year old dual core.
2- Great for rewire...Rewire can use a buttload of CPU but Reason 2.5 rewired into Renoise or Cakewalk Project5 is just like a low CPU plugin.
3- Super Stable...Older versions are cleaner code, we all know that.
4- Simpler music creation...Anything beyond version 3 just gets too crowded & too hard to figure out all the extras we really don't need.
5- Version 2.5 conforms to 800X600 resolution screens...This is the ticket for netbooks that have the 10.5" screen & I have an Acer Aspire One with that tiny screen. With 2 GB of RAM Reason 2.5 runs like a raped ape. I would not be able to even install Reason 8 on such a machine nor run it on 2 GB RAM.
6- Sounds just as good as current versions...In my humble opinion, maybe better, less processing of track DSPs or maybe something I don't know about.
7- Gets the job done...Reason 2.5 has just enough devices for my needs without excess...I can create anything I want. If you can't create good music in Reason 2.5 you will not be able to do it in version 8 either. This comes from the person, not the DAW. I have spent (wasted) a bit of time seeing what others are creating in Reason 8 & I tell you folks, alot of it is quite sad. And of most of the poorly made 'syncopated noise' could've just as easily been made in version 2.5. Seems like many just want to spend money.
8- You may simply just have an old workstation...Wow! Don't tell anyone...You may get shunned!! First of all my last & final OS will always be WinXP SP3 & I don't like anything past that. Also I have a 10 year old Toshiba Laptop with just 1.25 GB of RAM...But Reason 2.5 runs superb on it as well. In this day & age you can pick up a used dual core laptop on craiglist for 50-100 bucks, you got all the power you need without all the spyware crap. Talk about laughing at the face of technology.... Recently got another Dell D830 for 75 bucks, these were over 2 grand new back in 2006-7.

  So there you go folks, hopefully others will see this. Check back in the 'Reason' section as I will be posting some uploads to cool things as per version 2.5!!!

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Re: Reason 2.5? WHY??!! You gotta get Reason 8, Man!
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2015, 10:29:58 AM »
the companies responsible for creating the music programs deserve the ability to sustain themselves+ their families..
there is little innovation left to be done i think.. so they try to reinvent the wheel unneccessarily in order to facilitate... PROFIT!!
this is ok.. i understand this.. but.. i own reason essentials 8 and it feels clumsy + idiotic in terms of User interface.. im rreally not a fan of what they have done with the user interface graphically.. im not a huge propellerheads fan. i am + im also not.. theres alot of things i dislike about the new version. but theres also some good things.. but i feel alot more comfortable using the other older versions.

for me, i think reason is great as a tool to experiment quickly + to learn + explore being creative with.
the biggest downside is mixing but i also think that mixing is one of the most challenging aspects of music production regardless of which app or what device u use.. for instance.. if u are mixing 2 things  that are "sonically compatible" with each other. they are gonna sound good together mixed ANYWAY on ANY APP..

it comes down to musicality.. ear.. and musical sense... moreso then technology. every tool is different when it comes to being musically creative.. how and what u are able to do with it is up to your own unique individual approach. 

a good metaphor to easily explain your point i think would be:
telling a writer to get a new pencil + paper and tell him that its going to improve his book. :) lol
he still has to WRITE with his MIND, and thats more important then what app you use. the thought process behind
how + what you create.
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Re: Reason 2.5? WHY??!! You gotta get Reason 8, Man!
« Reply #2 on: November 30, 2015, 11:23:38 AM »
Good points there c777...Yes, it seems like many a DAW dev keeps piling on extras with each new version. With Reason I really don't know how it can be 'swam through'. Alot of new devices are just yesterdays 'tricks' or are renamed & changed a bit. Yesterdays 'groups' are now todays 'blocks'. Wished they'd went the route of Renoise or Reaper & refined more than piled.