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Author Topic: DigiDesign.ProTools.32Tracks.v5.01R2-ZONE (Dec 2000) (for win98se or winME)  (Read 2893 times)

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install this on win98/ME with a Pentium III + 512MB RAM, perfect for a Tualatin 1.4ghz machine

The main advantage of using this version of protools on windows is that you can use it with *ANY* sound card that is supported by windows, u will be limited to recording 2 tracks at a time, select which channel/interface you wish to use for input/output before launching pro tools from the multimedia sounds control panel, also the windows download linked here also includes a number of plugins including d-verb & bomb factory 1176

This version of DigiDesign ProTools digital audio software is based on the
  ProTools Free version that doesn't require additional DigiDesign hardware.
  Memory management code has been added to allow 32 tracks of audio and 127
  midi tracks. The check that blocked plugins from certain manufacturers (bom factory, antares)  has
  also been removed.


Recommended System Requirements For This Version :
        - Intel Pentium III or better
        - Windows 98SE or Windows Me.
        - 256MB Ram or more
        - Phoenix or Award BIOS (recommended).
        - A large, fast, hard drive for audio.

  -Will the PTLE plug-ins you released work on this version or do they need
    hardware or ProTools LE to run ?
    They will run, PTLE was just a way of naming the plug-ins, but they will
    work on any protools system, and on this version, the ones that were
    blocked to work on PT Free were also cracked so

this means Windows98se or WindowsME only!!!
also note: its reccomended to have no more than the max ram of 512mb while using a win98 os and max ram of 768mb when using winME