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My favourite sequencer of all time :D

1984 Steinberg Pro 16 V1 for the Commodore 64


already posted on that back in fall/winter 2016!


--- Quote from: chrisNova777 on July 25, 2017, 12:33:24 PM ---heres a illustrated version

--- Quote ---1985   yamaha qx1 *Standalone hardware

1986   motu performer on compact macintosh *software

1986   voyetra sequencer plus IBM/PC 5150= *software

1986 pro24 atari 520 ST *software

1987   creator atari 520 ST *software

1987   MMT8 alesis *Standalone hardware

1988   mpc 60 / asq 10 akai *Standalone hardware
1989   cubase atari 1040 ST *software

1989   w30 roland workstation *standalone hardware

1989   opcode vision macintosh/macintosh II *software

1990   cubase macintosh/macintosh II *software
1990   yamaha qy10 *Standalone hardware

1992   cubase win/pc for 386SX+ *software
1993   notator logic for macintosh *software
1993   emagic logic win/pc 386SX+ *software

--- End quote ---

--- End quote ---

i really should have mentioned the KORG M1's (1988) 8 track Sequencer

--- Quote ---The integrated MIDI sequencer allowed up to eight polyphonic tracks to play internal or MIDI sounds simultaneously. The sequencer memory could be shared with the user sound area, allowing 100 user "Program" sounds and 100 user "Combination" sounds with 4,400 sequencer notes or a reduced 50 Program and 50 Combination user sounds with 7700 notes. The sequencer's pattern structure permitted memory saving by using patterns for repetitive regions. Though paltry by current standards, the M1's sequencer offered full track editing and quantization, making it possible to produce high-quality songs entirely within the machine. The combination of the patches with the sequencer functionality led to the M1's near ubiquitous presence in late '80s and early '90s.
--- End quote ---


(just going through my millions of open tabs on my iPhone and cleaning up)

Sequencer Comparison Chart (PPQN, Sync Types, Storage, etc.)


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