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Author Topic: todd terry (late 90s)  (Read 1467 times)

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todd terry (late 90s)
« on: December 06, 2015, 12:43:58 PM »
from sometime between nov1997-aug1999
taken from this thread:

Terry: Mackie boards, G3 computer with updated Logic, tons of tube techs. I’m still using an SP1200 drum machine. I have the S2000 drum machine as well, two sets of two Atari 24-track tape machines, turntables and mixers always in the same room. I use seven DAT machines. I compress to each track coming from the tape machines with dbx 1046s so that’s interesting because it makes it like it’s SSL, but the cheap way out. What I use all the time is the 1200 drum machine, a lot of the keyboards and programming are through the 2000 – really simple. The JV2080 has all my sounds in it and I got seven cards in there.

Powermac G3 /w Logic Audio

E-MU SP1200
AKAI S2000

+ 7 expansion cards !!!!

Mackie CR1604
Mackie 1202

OTARI tape machines (
tube tech compressors

1987: TUBE TECH CL 1A       Opto "LA2A type" Compressor. Hard wired.
1993: TUBE TECH LCA 2B    Stereo Compressor (With a tube as VCA).
1998: TUBE TECH CL 2A      Two Channel Opto Tube Compressor
2000: TUBE TECH SMC 2B    The World's first Tube Multiband Compressor. A new Classic
2008: TUBE TECH CM 1A      Opto Compressor module