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Author Topic: yet another list of akai (& E-MU) sample cds (for reference)  (Read 10728 times)

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yet another list of akai (& E-MU) sample cds (for reference)
« on: December 08, 2015, 06:15:24 AM »
taken from someones personal ad they posted to sell their collection of sample cds:

E-mu ESI series:
E-mu sample library Vol 1: Emulator Standards
E-mu sample library Vol 2: More Emulator Standards
E-mu sample library Vol 3: Orchestral
E-mu sample library Vol 4: Sound FX
E-mu sample library Vol 5: World Instruments
E-mu sample library Vol 6: World Percussion
E-mu sample library Vol 7: E-mu Classics
E-mu sample library Vol 8: Vintage
E-mu sample library Vol 10: Elements Of Sound
E-mu sample library Vol 12: ESI-32 150MB Production Soundset
E-mu sample library Vol 13: Dance 2000
E-mu sample library Vol 15: Dan Dean Bass Collection
E-mu sample library Vol 16: 26 Studio Drim Kits And Percussion
E-mu Formula 4000 Vol 1: Hip-Hop Nation
E-mu Formula 4000 Vol 2: Techno Trance
E-mu Formula 4000 Vol 3: Analog Odyssey
E-mu Formula 4000 Vol 4: Earth Tones
E-mu Formula 4000 Vol 5: Protozoa
E-mu Systems Sound Library: WCC.. Green
Sonic Arts: Sounds Of The 70s
ESI-Turbo Sounds (2 Floppies…also including a CD version for those without floppy drives)

E-mu EOS / Ultra Series:
Rob Papen: Techno Synth Construction Yard
E-mu Definative Series: Millennium Synths
E-mu Producer Series Vol 6: Analogia Project

East West: Dance Industrial
East West: Tekno / Industrial
Sounds Good: EuroTech
AMG Producer Series: Komputer Inside

Multi Format:
Zero-G: Pure Mayhem
Zero-G: Akai S5000 S6000
AMG Difffusion Series: Kleptomania by Coldcut
AMG Difffusion Series: Skip To My Loops by Norman Cook (Fatboy Slim)
Time Space: Techno Prisoners
Future Loops Vol. 2
Drum n Bass
Funk Collection
Bass Essentials
Breakbeat Vol. 2
Atmospheric Samples
Future Music (6 different)

East West: Dance Industrial
East West: Tekno / Industrial
Sounds Good: House
Sounds Good: Country
Sounds Good: G-Soul
Sounds Good: Roots Reggae” Link