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Author Topic: martin bell aka vinyljunkie07  (Read 1379 times)

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martin bell aka vinyljunkie07
« on: December 09, 2015, 07:34:23 PM »
(partial gear list)
as seen on

mpc2000XL midi production center

ensoniq EPS16plus keyboard sampler
akai s3200XL sampler
akai s1100 sampler

yamaha tx81z synth
yamaha dx100 keyboard synth
yamaha FB01 synth
korg x5dr
korg ms20 synth + Korg sq-1 sequencer
Korg MiniKorg-700S  synth
roland synthplus 10 (alpha juno 1) synth
waldorf micro q synth
jen sx 1000 synth
blofeld synth

novation bass station keyboard synth,1955
novation super bass station synth
novation *original* bass staiton (1993),2035

apple imac computer
cheap core 2 windows XP PC computer
zip 250 scsi zip drive
zip 100 scsi
zip 100 scsi

recording + misc
Mackie SR32•4 VLZ mixer
spirit folio sx mixer
alesis 3630 compressor
lexicon lxp15II reverb
sony mp5 multi effects
motu midi express (midi patchbay)

rack 1:
top-mixer soundcraft
1-alesis 3630
3-lexicon lxp-15 II
4-yamaha tx81z
5-midi express (mac)
6-akai s3200 sampler
7-waldorf micro q

short rack:
1-novation bass station rack
2-akai s1100 sampler
top-waldorf blofeld

midi controller:
ensoniq EPS16 plus