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Author Topic: Pro Tools LE 6.7 /w M-audio interface & no dongle [winxp]  (Read 2944 times)

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Pro Tools LE 6.7 /w M-audio interface & no dongle [winxp]
« on: August 29, 2014, 04:35:36 PM »
this uses a combination of the m-powered 6.7 installer + the pro tools le 6.7 installer (usually *only* for digidesign hardware)
by mixing the hardware support files encoded for support for m-audio products with the pro tools le programs support files
so you end up with a working PT LE 6.7 installation

there is a number of instructions, it may take you up to 20-25min to follow thru the installation procedure as outlined by the creator of the torrent file, there were a number of comments made that it doesnt work but these people were obviously making some critical errors.

this is proof that it work, it was very straight forward if you read the instructions carefully. test was conducted on winxp sp3 with m-audio 410 pci card (which is usually unsupported by any versions of the protools m-powered series) for the sound card driver : i used delta driver Delta_V32_5_10_00_5052v3

http://k**   pro-tools-6-7-for-digi-and-m-powered-m-audio-cards-t1301976.html

see for compatibility info

other compatible hardware
Product Information, Specs, Drivers:

    Audiophile 192 : High-Definition 4-In/4-Out Audio Card (PCI) with Digital I/O and MIDI
    Audiophile 2496 : 4-In/4-Out Audio Card (PCI) with MIDI and Digital I/O
    Delta 44 : Professional 4-In/4-Out Audio Card (PCI)
    Delta 66 : 6-In/6-Out Audio Card (PCI) with Digital I/O
    Delta 1010 : 10-In/10-Out PCI/Rack Digital Recording System with MIDI and Digital I/O
    Delta 1010LT : 10-In/10-Out PCI Virtual Studio

    FireWire 1814 : 18-in/14-out FireWire Audio/MIDI Interface w/ADAT Lightpipe
    FireWire 410 : 4-In/10-Out FireWire Audio/MIDI Mobile Recording Interface
    FireWire Audiophile : 4-In/6-Out FireWire Audio/MIDI Interface
    FireWire Solo : FireWire Mobile Audio Interface for Songwriter/Guitarists
    Ozonic : 37-Key FireWire Audio/MIDI Interface and Controller


Here we go, full instruction XP(SP2) installation and crack:
1) Get ProTools M-Powered 6.8 and either ProTools 6.7 LE or ProTools 6.7 TDM /w valid serial number (which can be found all over the net)
2) Make sure you have installed supported M-audio card with latest driver (list of them is here: ttp:// ), and your computer meets min requirement for PT ( /)
3) Install PT M-powered application aswell as the drivers (if needed)
4) Reboot
5) Delete \Pro Tools folder from installed directory (default: C:\Program Files\Digidesign\) windows will warn you, click OK to delete
6) Install ProTools 6.7 LE or TDM (do not install any DIGI hardware drivers)
7) Reboot + Extract files from "step 8.rar" to C:\Program Files\Digidesign\Pro Tools\
9) Open ProToolsLE.exe (or TDM whichever you installed)
10) Enter serial number then close protools
11) Extract files from "step 11.rar" to C:\Program Files\Digidesign\Pro Tools\
12) Later redirect your shortcuts on your Desktop and Programs folder
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Re: Pro Tools LE 6.7 /w M-audio interface & no dongle [winxp]
« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2017, 07:18:24 PM »
this has to be tested to see if it works on vista32bit or win732bit
might be a waste of time.. might only work on xp 32bit