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Author Topic: MusicQuest Note/1 and Note/1+ (Aug 1995)  (Read 3795 times)

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MusicQuest Note/1 and Note/1+ (Aug 1995)
« on: December 16, 2015, 03:30:22 PM »
Music Quest has been producing MIDI interfaces for IBM since 1987

the driver is dated august 1995 on this page:

the note/1+ features an additional midi output port seen here:

supported in voyetra seq+gold

The Note/1+ is an external interface for all IBM compatible notebook, laptop, and desktop PCs. The unit features a high performance MIDI port based on our proprietary MIDIEngine technology, with 1 MIDI input and 2 parallel MIDI outputs. Also included are a printer passthru port for easy port sharing with a printer, and front panel LEDs for monitoring MIDI IN, MIDI OUT, and applied power.

Distinctive Features
High-speed parallel printer port connection
1 MIDI IN, 2 parallel MIDI OUTs
Printer passthru port for easy port sharing with printer
MIDI data compression to maximize throughput
FIFO data buffering to avoid data loss, stuck notes
Message filtering on input and output
Channel remapping on input and output
Front panel LEDs monitor MIDI data and power
Exclusive multi-client Windows driver
Diagnostic software for quick system checkout
Connecting cable and power adapter included
Attractive rugged all-steel enclosure
Music Quest design quality assurance
Designed and manufactured in USA
Any IBM compatible with a parallel printer port
MIDI compatible instrument(s)
Standard MIDI cables to connect instruments
Music software
High Performance MIDI Port
The Note/1+'s MIDI port provides performance and safety features not found on some interfaces, particularly external ones. On playback, the Note/1+ accepts MIDI data from software in high-speed bursts, then holds it in FIFO buffers for subsequent output while your software tends to screen updates and other chores. In contrast, an unbuffered interface makes software wait until one data byte is completely output before sending the next one, thus causing your system to grind to a virtual halt when playing dense sequences. When recording, FIFO buffers hold received MIDI data until software is ready for it, so you won't experience the 'stuck note' and lost data horror stories often associated with external interfaces. The Note/1+ also provides automatic MIDI status compression; this feature minimizes the amount of data flowing between your software and MIDI equipment so as to maximize overall system throughput. These performance advantages are especially important in graphical environments like Windows, which alone imposes a significant strain on your system.

Your software can send and receive MIDI data simultaneously to/from the Note/1+'s MIDI port. The two parallel MIDI outputs allow convenient direct connection of two playback devices. Additional playback instruments may be connected with THRU / IN "daisy chaining" from one instrument to the next. All MIDI connections are made with standard MIDI cables (not supplied).

Computer Connection
Using the included DB-25 M/F cable, the Note/1+ may be connected to a standard parallel printer port of any IBM compatible, including notebook, laptop, and desktop units. Special printer port capabilities are not required.

Printer Passthru Port
The Note/1+'s printer passthru port allows a connected printer to share a single printer port on your computer. You can thus print from your software or use MIDI without swapping cables or flipping switches.

Software Compatibility
The Note/1+ Windows driver supports all Windows multimedia programs. For DOS programs, check with the software developer about Note/1+ support.

Windows Driver
The Note/1+ includes a multi-client Windows driver for use with all Windows multimedia applications. The driver allows multiple Windows programs to simultaneously access the Note/1+ for MIDI input and output. Both standard and '386 enhanced modes are supported.

From the Recognized IBM Interface Experts
Music Quest has been producing MIDI interfaces since 1987, with an unmatched record for innovation, reliability, and price/performance. Anyone can make product claims of course, so ask an unbiased source. Our interfaces are recommended by more leading IBM MIDI software developers than any other brand. And for good reason. --

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