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Texture (1985-1988) DOS MIDI application

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author: Roger Powell

--- Quote ---At the heart of Texture is a very simple (and very msuical) idea; notes are recorded into patterns, them. patterns are linked together to create songs, this concept will enable you to create whatever kind of music you like. quickly. easily. but make no mistake, while texture is easy to learn, it is the most powerful MIDI processor you can buy.
--- End quote ---


v1.0 - 1984? 1985?
Texture program was versioned at "Texture v2.5" as of nov 1988
(first version was claimed to be 4 years prior to v2.5 which would be november 1984!
which would coincide with the claim that it was one of the first midi sequencers ever)
v3.0 - dec 1988 (?)


Roger Powell's TEXTURE was nearly one of the first sequencer. The very first MIDI sequencer on the market IIRC was the Hybrid Arts Master Tracks Pro for the Atari 800. HA MTPro was introduced in 1983, while the Atari 800 was introduced at the Winter Consumer Electronics exposition in 1982. You needed an extra add-on serial port to get the whole setup to work, since the Atari 800 didn't come with one out of the box.

That version of Texture I believe will only run with the IBM Music Feature card as the MIDI output.


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