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Author Topic: nubus technology - where did it all end up?  (Read 1212 times)

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nubus technology - where did it all end up?
« on: December 18, 2015, 04:29:19 AM »
RIP Nubus - 1987-1995
im guessing most of it ended up in the trash heap..
all the old pro tools cards that were nubus.. u would expect to be able to find them dirt cheap
but they are like rare to even see for sale..

i guess theres not a big market for them
ive been trying to find a list of all the macs that have nubus slots
and i dont think such a list exists
i noticed that the nubus processor card upgrades were specified compatible with
powermac 6100, 7100, + 8100 machines only
so im guessing these were the last machines to support both power pc cpu + nubus expansion slot technology

using some google-fu i searched "" for the text "3 nubus, 4 nubus, 5 nubus, 6 nubus etc to reveal the spec pages for the macs that supported nubus technology + ive made this list. not sure if its complete but it seems to be the only list i can find of macs that support nubus!

Macs with 6 Nubus Slots: (1987-1990) (1988-1990) (1990-1992)

Macs with 5 Nubus Slots: (1991) (1992)

Macs with 3 Nubus Slots: (1989) (1989) (1992) (1992) (1992) (1993) (1993) (1993) (1993) (1994) (1994) (1994) (1994) (1994) (1995) (1995) (1995)

Macs with 2 Nubus Slots: (1991)

i guess the pro tools users would have wanted to max their available nubus slots.. and gone with the IIFX (6), or the quadra 900/950 (5) for the early 90s pro tools nubus systems

i see the quadra & centris series machines could be bumped up to 100mhz systems
with an upgrade from sonnet

see my other post on 68k macs

tour of the macintosh II

i dont know much of this mac.. so here are my thoughts/questions:
question for the pro tools heads..
6 nubus slots in this mac.
was there a limit as to how many pro tools cards could be installed?
was one of the card slots needed to be used for a nubus video card? or was video integrated pre-existing?
were u able to use 6 pro tools cards in this mac for a total of 6 x 4 = 24 tracks?
was this machine strong enough to use the samplecell II?
could u mix + match audioMedia II cards + pro tools cards?

this thread is fast becoming about pro tools.. but.. it is a DAW related forum;)
inspired by my other post here:

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