Author Topic: FruityLoops v3.5 adds ability for FL to act as a VSTi inside Cubase & Logic  (Read 1748 times)

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Fruityloops v3.5 is almost upon us, a major update, most significantly Fruity will now be able to act as an actual VSTi itself for use in Cubase, Orion, Logic, etc.!

I think you all know the main addition in v3.5+, Fruityloops can now be used AS a VSTi as well as hosting them (& DXi)!! Now there's no excuse not to own it ;)

3.6 adds
    Support for Tascam US-428 controller.
    Formula in MIDI remote control box can now modify increment step (for endless knobs).
    Can now select rows of notes in piano roll.
    Added 'fit to time' option to Fruity granulizer.
    Fixed weird rare automation bug.
    Improved wrappers & fixed timing info.
    Added 'pausing steps' in some knobs & sliders.
    New user interface for SimSynth Live.
    VSTi version now renders properly in Cubase.
    New clock toolbar.
    Changed tempo & pattern selectors.
    Fixed Wasp's envelope link problem.
    Fixed small playlist selection bug.
    Fixed various minor bugs.
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