Author Topic: Gibson acquires Cakewalk (Sep 2013)  (Read 2688 times)

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Gibson acquires Cakewalk (Sep 2013)
« on: September 01, 2014, 05:23:56 PM »

Gibson FAQ
FAQ: Gibson Brands Announces Intention to Acquire Cakewalk Inc.

Why would a guitar company want to acquire Cakewalk?

Gibson Brands encompasses not only Gibson guitars, but also high-end consumer electronics (Onkyo, TEAC) and pro audio (TASCAM, KRK, Stanton, and Cerwin Vega). Cakewalk will be a vital part of the pro audio group.

Will the name Cakewalk be retained?

Cakewalk will transition to the name Cakewalk Development to underscore the emphasis on R&D and new product development, but a new brand, TASCAM Professional Software, will be created to support, promote, and publish Cakewalk’s professional line of products. As TASCAM is the company that launched a revolution in recording, the pairing with Cakewalk is a natural.

Will SONAR continue to be developed?

Of course! As a market and technology leader with many industry firsts, SONAR will be the flagship product of TASCAM Professional Software. The program will continue to innovate in exciting, unique, and even surprising ways. Who will handle technical support and questions about the program? Cakewalk will continue to handle customer support and questions.

Will Cakewalk develop a Mac version of SONAR?

Many musicians already run SONAR on the Mac using Boot Camp and various other solutions, so there are no plans for a Mac version at this time. However, Mac and iOS support for other products will play an important part in Cakewalk’s future.

What will happen with Cakewalk’s consumer-oriented software, like Music Creator?

Cakewalk has been developing a family of extremely exciting consumer-oriented products, and now has the resources to bring these to market in parallel with the company’s professional software. We plan to continue branding them as Cakewalk products to differentiate them from our professional products.

Will Cakewalk be absorbed physically into Gibson or TASCAM?

No. Cakewalk will retain its offices in Boston, its current staff, its management, and its highly popular web site. Gibson Brands wanted to acquire Cakewalk because of its people, not just the products they’ve created.

Can we expect to see Cakewalk’s software expertise in products from other Gibson Brands?

Yes. One of the main strengths of Gibson Brands is the constant dialog among its divisions. As just one example, the possibilities of combining TASCAM’s leadership in professional audio hardware with Cakewalk’s industry-leading software are virtually unlimited.

Will there be additional new products?

In addition to continuing the great work they’ve done in the past, we believe there are new areas where Cakewalk can apply their expertise, leading to exciting new products for current Cakewalk fans as well as those who are about to become Cakewalk fans.