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Author Topic: Opcode Digitrax  (Read 1492 times)

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Opcode Digitrax
« on: December 21, 2015, 11:31:34 AM »

DigiTrax 1.2--Power Macintosh Digital Audio Recording
Click image to see 140k GIF of the DigiTrax interface.
 [DigiTrax Digital Recording
DigiTrax brings affordable multitrack recording to your Power Macintosh. Work with up to 6 tracks of digital audio in a studio-like environment using familiar analog tape controls. Automated punch in and out points allow you to rerecord a particular section of your song. Seamlessly play from any of 20 auto-locate points. The program also supports AV Macs or any Mac equipped with an ARTA compatible NuBus audio card.

Multimedia Features
If you're a multimedia producer, DigiTrax has the features you need. There is a dedicated window for displaying QuickTime movies. You can import and export audio for QuickTime movies in either 8 or 16 bit format, choosing from a wide range of sample rates. Direct control of any Apple CD-ROM drive allows effortless recording directly from audio CDs.

Mix It Down
Create automated mixes by simply moving any of the volume or pan sliders during playback. To fine tune the mix, edit volume and pan envelopes graphically in the Timeline window. Audition any number of mixes for each session and choose the one that's just right. You'll never run out of tracks because you can bounce all 6 tracks down to mono or stereo. Since you're working in the digital domain there's no loss of sound quality!

Intuitive Editing
With DigiTrax's Timeline window, you can make sure sound effects and voice-overs line up correctly. Visual editing of audio waveforms enables you to copy, paste or move any audio region. All edits are nondestructive and performed in real time. An on-board digital Equalizer (including parametric EQ) helps you sculpt the sound of any track.


Record up to six tracks of 16 bit audio
Choose from sample rates of 22.05, 24, 44.1 or 48 kHz
Automated punch in and out points
Automated loop/rehearse mode
Automated Mixing
Record real-time changes in volume and pan sliders
Graphically edit pan and volume envelopes
Each session can contain any number of mixes
Easily audition different mixes
Digital Signal Processing
Normalize, Reverse, Invert
Real-time Chorus/Flange (AV Macs only)
Plug-in module architecture allows for future expansion
QuickTime Movies
Playback QuickTime movies with synchronization to audio
Import audio from any QuickTime movie to edit or use as a guide track
Export finished sessions into a QuickTime movie as an 8 or 16 bit sound track with variable sample rates
Real-time EQ on all tracks
Three different types of EQ available: Low Shelf, Parametric and High Shelf
Graphically display equalization curves
Copy EQ settings from one track to another
CD ROM Control
Control any Apple internal or external CD-ROM drive
Record directly from audio CDs
Timeline display with visual waveform editing
Cut, copy and paste entire audio sections
Nudge any audio event with frame accuracy
Crop the beginning or end of a track
Edits are nondestructive and can be performed in real time
System Requirements
AV Macintosh, Power Macintosh or a Macintosh equipped with an ARTA (Apple Real Time Architecture) compatible NuBus audio card
System 7.1 or later
QuickTime 2.0
Minimum 8 MB of RAM (12 MB recommended)