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Author Topic: commodore 64 + 128 music programs (August 1988)  (Read 5059 times)

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commodore 64 + 128 music programs (August 1988)
« on: December 23, 2015, 07:33:36 AM »
some music programs listed.. retreieved from

the song played is Lionel Richie - All Night Long
equipment shown/mentioned:
commodore 64/128
yamaha dx7
yamaha fb-01
ensoniq Mirage
ensoniq sq-1
yamaha rx15 drum machine
casio cz-1
korg ds-8

music programs 1988
master tracks (passport)
master tracks pro (passport)
midi/4 plus (passport)
midi/8 plus (passport)
the music shop for midi (passport)
passport MIDI voice editor for FB01 (passport)

(KCS) keyboard controlled sequencer (dr t)
dx-patch editor/librarian (dr t)
? ensoniq mirage editor ? (dr t)
algorithmic composer (dr t)
caged artist editors (dr t)
convertible plus (dr t)
cz-patch (dr t)
cz-rider (dr t)
echo plys (dr T)

Instant Music (electronic arts)
Moog Producer (kurzweil/moog)
the music studio (activision)
advanced music system (firebird)
the music system (firebird)
virtuoso 64 (chipmunk)
songwriter (thunder mountain)
sound file (blank software)

casio sound disk (sonus)
double-banked programmer/librarian (sonus)
dx-tx pdouble banked librarian/programmer (sonus)
FB01 Design (Sonus)
GlassTracks (sonus)
midi processor (sonus)
miditech 64 (sonus)
RX librarian (sonus)
super sequencer series (sonus)

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