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Author Topic: Sequencer Plus Mark III (Nov 1987) 65 track midi recorder  (Read 5746 times)

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Sequencer Plus Mark III (Nov 1987) 65 track midi recorder
« on: December 27, 2015, 06:34:33 AM »
Sequencer Plus Mark III (Nov 1988)

Voyetra Technologie's Sequencer Plus Mark III is already well known as an extraordinary Sequencer. The new version 2.0 release of the package adds many features to it's predecessor while still maintaining an admirable balance between editing power and straightforward operation.
 Sequencer Plus Mark III's main screen displays data for 14 tracks in it's default setup. Once you get to know the sequencer, you can remove the help menus and display up to 22 tracks at a time; an EGA monitor will let you push this total to 32 tracks. From the main screen, you can perform standard track recording or change the quantizing and transposition of tracks while a sequence is playing. You can also modify track offset, MIDI Channel assignment, muting, and soloing, but not during playback.
 The view screen display tracks horizontally with dashes representing measures containing data. Version 2.0 lets you record from this screen, aswel as do cutting and pasting, global editing and filtering. You just put the cursor on the measure in the track where you want to start recording. This is the simplest and most sensible method for recording I've seen; why hasn't anyone done it before?
 You can cut and paste multiple tracks with the block option. And the punchin feature lets you compare punches and keep partially recorded punches.
 The view screen gives you a transforms function a flexible global filter and editor thats neatly organized into categories of time, pitch, velocity, splitting criteria, and random effects. Among its capabilities are compression and expansion of time, durations or key velocity; "harmonic" transposition and inversion; splitting of tracks according to a note's duration, it's pitch, or how clsoe it is to the beat; and random fluctuation of pitch, start time, duration, or velocity within a specified percentage range. Noticeably abesnet, however, are ways of altering continuous controllers.
 The Edit screen makes detailed editing easy; placing the cursor on a note lets you edit its parameters by means of mnemonic keystrokes, such as D for duration. Although the menu is helpful, it can be remved to display more notes. The actual pitch range spanned on the screen is not as large as on some sequencers, but the display is spacious and easy to use.
 Sequencer Plus Mark III's new SMPTE clock allows you to turn on a huge SMPTE and beat display that fills the entire screen with numbers 2 to 3 inches high. This could be helpful, for instance if you were conducting an orchestra with the sequencer. Unfortunately, the program provides no way to jump to a position in the sequence according to a SMPTE time entered from the computer.
 Sequncer Plus Mark III superbly balances flexibility and ease of use. Features  used most often usually require the fewest keystrokes, but when more-complex functions are claled for the extra commands are easily executed. If you're not ready to spend 495$ for a sequencer, Voyetra also offers Sequencer Plus Mark II
 and Sequencer Plus Mark I for 295$  and 99$ respectively. Both of these products are similar to the highend version but with relatively limited features. You can upgrade toa  higher version at a reasonable cost and files are compatible among all three versions.

 Requires: 512k RAM, MIDI Interface, DOS 2.0 or later.
 Sequencer plus is a 64 track sequencer that combines powerful professional features with ease of use.

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Re: Sequencer Plus Mark III (Nov 1988) 65 track midi recorder
« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2017, 03:41:15 AM »
i think this v3.0 of the product was available in tiered level of purchasing...
one could purchase Mk1 with 16 tracks.. or mk2 with 33 tracks.. or mk3 with 65 tracks!
note the in-sync design elements of the front cover of each product
indicating III is full featured.. and mk1 is the entry level product

Sequencer Plus 3 mk I - 16 tracks

Sequencer Plus 3 mk II - 33 tracks

Sequencer Plus 3 mk III - 65 tracks