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Author Topic: hitsquad list of DOS programs  (Read 5764 times)

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hitsquad list of DOS programs
« on: December 27, 2015, 11:02:03 AM »

Impulse Tracker    MOD Tracker program DOS   Freeware   1997-12-21   422   75db
Karaoke Words Extractor v1.0   Extract song words and info from MIDI Karaoke files DOS   Freeware   1998-04-19   1340   70db
Scream Tracker v3.2    A Free Mod Tracker DOS   Freeware   1995-03-03   129   70db
Fast Tracker 2.09    Instrument editor and a sample/waveform editor. DOS   Shareware      0   65db
Well Tempered Fractal v3.0   An interactive fractal music generator DOS   Shareware   1995-07-17   7   65db
Cake2MID   Cakewalk --> MIDI File Format 1 Conversion Utility DOS   Freeware   1993-06-24   96   65db
cmf2mid    Converts Sound Blaster CMF files into format 0 standard MIDI files DOS   Freeware   1993-04-09   5   60db
White Key 1.32    Play MIDI files through digital audio for DOS  DOS   Shareware   1999-11-01   203   60db
ModEdit v3.01   Classic MOD Editor for DOS DOS   Shareware   1992-11-07   8   60db
MegaMID v1.66    DOS MIDI Player DOS   Demo   1999-02-03   5   60db
Speaker    Play, compose, and edit songs from PC speaker. Check out our special feature on DJ Speakers.DOS   Shareware   1995-10-22   13   55db
Midget 2.0    Freeware DOS-based MIDI program DOS   Freeware   2000-09-01   2   55db
MIDI Data Filer v4.0    Program to send/receive MIDI sysex data DOS   Shareware   1994-10-04   6   55db
Convert 1.4    Traslate samples among varios instrument, musical and sample file formats DOS   Shareware   1994-09-29   12   55db
xmi2mid    An xmi to mid converter program DOS   Shareware   1995-05-07   9   55db
Sound Club for DOS    A friendly music editor DOS   Shareware      41   55db
Easy Piano Tutor    v1.1b Learn on 3D piano DOS   Shareware   1995-10-23   70   55db
SYSKEY    Turbo C++ program which makes Cakewalk SYSEX messages for Roland GS/SCXXX sound cards. DOS   Shareware   1993-05-17   110   55db
SounDWorX MiDPLAY 1.00    Midi player with stunning VGA-graphix DOS   Freeware      7   55db
Melody 2.6    Music writer/editor/player w/programmer tools DOS   Shareware   1996-06-05   12   55db   Converts MIDI files to MOD/MTM, with C source DOS   Shareware      5   50db
Velvet Studio v2.01    Audio 'tracker' for MS-DOS  DOS   Shareware   1997-12-03   3   50db
READCDA v2.0    Read Compact Disc digital audio DOS   Shareware   1996-09-17   12   50db
MIDI2Cs    Midi2Cs creates Csound rendering input from midifiles and your own WAV and AIFF files. DOS   Freeware   1997-05-17   1   50db
Guitar Tools v2.3    Changes piano music to Tab DOS   Shareware   1995-06-06   7   50db
Scope 4D v3.2    Real-time animation to the rhythm of your music DOS   Freeware   1999-03-01   0   50db
Beat It 32    Makes basic drum patterns easier to set up DOS   Shareware   1993-06-04   1   50db
DXlib for Dos      DX7/TX7 Librarian and Editor  DOS   Shareware   1996-08-04   21   50db
FM Tracker v.1.45    Make songs on AdLib/Sound Blaster  DOS   Shareware   1996-01-21   23   50db
NoteWorthy 2   Music DTP system DOS   Shareware      0   50db