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midiman syncman (1992?) SMPTE song pointer sync box



was originally called musicsoft syncman http://www.muzines.co.uk/articles/musicsoft-syncman/124


--- Quote ---Syncman SMPTE/Song-Pointer MIDI Sync Box

Performs Smart FSK to Song-Pointer sync to MIDI Time Code sync. This means Syncman will work with any sequencer.
Special ""JAM"" sync feature allows recovery from tape drop-outs.
Built-in merge mode merges incoming keyboard data with sync data and allows you to record new material while synced to tape.
Duplication feature allows duplication of any Syncman tape stripe.
Generates and reads all SMPTE formats including 24, 25, 30 drop and 30 non-drop frame.
SMPTE offset of any even hour can be set directly on the unit.
Generates MIDI Time Code while SMPTE is being written - this makes trouble shooting a breeze.
Specifiable SMPTE format and offset time can be set and writing started and stopped.

--- End quote ---



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