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Author Topic: "Master Tracks PC" for DOS (1987) 64-track MIDI sequencer *DOWNLOAD*  (Read 1798 times)

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the ibm pc DOS version of master tracks pro was referred to as "Master Tracks PC"
Master Tracks PC 64-track MIDI sequencer

Master Tracks PC

Master Tracks PC, from Passport Designs, is distinguished primarily by a friendly user interface and a logical layout. Menu options are clear and easily accessible, and context-sensitive help is informative and to the point. Despite the fact that Master Tracks PC has 64 tracks and many professional features, it has some surprising deficiencies.

Master Tracks PC is a hybrid of a modular sequencer, sucb as Texture, and a standard tape deck-style sequencer. As with Texture, you create songs by recording multitrack sections (called patterns)  separately and linking them sequentially may find it difficult to figure out the basics.  The tutorial helps, but a greater consistency in command style would be even more helpful. Though the program is unwieldy on the surface, there is a lot of power underneath. We look forward to seeing Version 2.0. 

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Re: "Master Tracks PC" for DOS (1987) 64-track MIDI sequencer *DOWNLOAD*
« Reply #1 on: June 28, 2021, 01:14:27 PM »
Hi, and thanks for posting this. I'm a composer, and have some old files from the 80's created with Master Tracks PC. I'm having trouble running the software in various emulators. No matter the configuration, it keeps throwing timeout errors and will not play. I'm wondering if you have a manual or any other documentation, as my memory regarding how it was set up is incomplete :)