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Yamaha PLG150-DX (?)
« on: January 30, 2016, 03:11:23 PM »

PLG150-DX – Advanced DX/TX Plug-in Board Advanced DX/TX Plug-in Board

Get the classic sounds of Yamaha's renowned DX-7 synthesizer. The PLG150-DX features the same 6-operator, 16-note polyphonic FM tone generation system that took the synthesizer industry by storm in the '80s. This outstanding plug-in board is capable of producing beautiful, ultra expressive electric pianos, punchy basses, dynamic leads and unusual sound effects – sounds for which FM synthesis is famous. PCM-based synthesizers cannot come close to faithfully reproducing the rich dynamics of FM. The PLG150-DX is compatible with voice data of Yamaha DX- and TX-series synthesizers such as the DX-7, DX-7II, TX-816 and TX-802, which means you'll have access to literally thousands of DX patches available on the Internet and elsewhere. This plug-in board is a must-have for electronic musicians and composers of contemporary music.