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Cakewalk Sonar 2.0 + Sonar 2.0 XL (Mar 2002) adds Rewire Support
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Release date: March 13, 2002

irst introduced one year ago, SONAR represents the new standard in digital multitrack recording for Windows and is the flagship product in Cakewalk’s line of music and sound software. SONAR offers unlimited digital audio and MIDI tracks; a centralized interface design for improved creative workflow; advanced audio looping and editing tools; DXi software synthesizer plug-ins; automatable DirectX 8 audio plug-ins; real-time MIDI FX plug-ins; and extensive audio loops and SoundFont libraries.

What’s New in SONAR 2.0


Cyclone DXi™ Groove Sampler – This new DXi software synth picks up where simple phrase sampling has left off, providing users with a unique way to perform with SONAR groove clips or ACID-format loops. Cyclone DXi allows users to edit individual slices of Groove Clips and ACID loops; add effects; reorganize and combine with other loops; extract the sounds of one loop and remap it to the rhythm of another; trigger grooves with MIDI events in a track, and export to create new variations of existing loops.
Key Cyclone DXi Features:

    Trigger up to 16 different groove pads in real-time using a MIDI input device, PC keyboard or mouse, or sequenced MIDI track

    Import SONAR Groove Clips and ACID-format wave files

    Transpose loops in real-time

    Beat match multiple loops to play back at same tempo

    Support for multiple outputs

ReWire 2.0 SupportUsers can now run any ReWire-compatible software synth from within SONAR. Route any ReWire channel into its own audio track inside SONAR. Choose channels by device. Launch ReWire devices from SONAR’s new Synth Rack. Add loops or audio tracks to Reason projects. Supports Reason, ReBirth and other ReWire-compatible software synths.

Multi-port Graphical Drum Editor - Paint notes and polyphonic rhythm patterns with the click of the mouse, and create complex MIDI drum parts with ease; features include drag-and-drop drum grid, pattern-brush painting, auto-erase, editable velocity tails, multi-state note event toolbar, and additional display options. Users can re-map drum parts in real-time to multiple devices on multiple ports.

Advanced Project Management – Organize and retrieve audio data faster with per-project audio folders, enhanced asset sharing, track/clip/project-based file names, and other audio filing enhancements. Supports single audio data directory and provides new options to expand and consolidate project files, with networked media support allowing users to work on projects from multiple drives or over a network. Also supports file linking, which saves disk space by eliminating copies of regularly used loops, sound effects and other standard audio libraries.

Global MIDI Control Surface Support – SONAR 2.0 provides transparent, bi-directional support for any MIDI-compatible control surface hardware. It includes dedicated support for the CM MotorMix, TASCAM U-428 and U-224 controllers; it also includes a Global Controller Module with learn mode and presets for dozens of other popular control surfaces. Dedicated support for additional control surfaces will follow throughout 2002, and will be available for download on the Cakewalk web site.

Support for Yamaha Open MIDI Plug-in Technology Panels – Real-time control of MIDI hardware devices from the SONAR software environment. Yamaha’s new open plug-in technology allows for the seamless integration of MIDI controllers, advanced synthesizer parameter editing and other MIDI processing tools.

Improved Soft Synth Integration – SONAR 2.0 provides more flexible integration of DXi software synths using the new Synth Rack; provides Mute/Solo grouping, single-step synth insert macro, and synth track type icons; synths can be patched directly to track inputs. DXi soft synth enhancements include support for multi-port soft synths and soft synth automation (multiple ports and automation must also be supported by the DXi soft synth).

ACID .WAV File Exporting - Users can export/save groove clips as ACID-format .WAV files, for use in other ACID-compatible software products.

Additional Tools and Loops for SONAR 2.0

Providing an extensive production environment, SONAR includes many third-party DXi soft synths, DirectX 8 automatable effects, real-time MIDI FX plug-ins, as well as audio loops and SoundFont libraries including:

    Alien Connections’ ReValver SE DXi guitar amp simulator

    Audio Simulations' DreamStation 2.0 DXi soft synth

    EDIROL’s Virtual Sound Canvas 1.5 DXi soft synth

    Power Technology's DirectX 8 automatable DSP FX plug-ins

    MusicLab and NTONYX MIDI FX plug-ins

    Smart Loops and X-MiX audio loop libraries (over 400 loops)

    Sonic Implants' SoundFont libraries


Cakewalk is also announcing SONAR 2.0 XL, the premium-edition of SONAR that provides an advanced DXi drum sampler workstation and new 64-bit DirectX 8 audio-mastering effects. In addition to the tools and loop libraries provided in the standard SONAR 2.0 package, SONAR XL includes:

Click for full image

    FXpansion DR-008 Drum Sampler DXi - Advanced drum sampler synthesis, featuring 96 channels of pattern-based drum machine sequencing and editing, 128-way velocity splits, Vintage analog modeling; 32-bit sampling, Supports WAV and AIFF files, and bank files for LM-4, DR-005 and other drum kit formats.

    Sonic Timeworks EQ – A high-end mastering EQ delivering true stereo 64-bit precision. Features clean and vintage EQ algorithms, 30-band spectrum analyzer, phase meter, standard and graphical editing modes, fully-automatable.

    Sonic Timeworks Compressor X – Versatile, 64-bit mastering-quality compression for the PC studio. Features warm analog sound with analog style metering, ultra-fast attack/release times, hard and soft knee compression, and no-clip brick wall style limiting, fully-automatable.
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