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Windows Compatible usb midi keyboards + devices
« on: September 02, 2014, 07:49:09 PM »

These posts exist to provide guidance + information on SPECIFiC MODELS which provide SUPPORT FOR MAC OS 9 to those who wish to use an old powermac g4 for music purposes! If its not linked or pictured here, even if its very similiar!, theres a good chance that there are complications with compatibility, but these are the ones we RECCOMMEND for use with mac os 9 to those without experience! If you have experience or know of any other models that you can confirm compatibility with, from personal experience, feel free to post here + add to our information!! keep in mind any keyboard with midi can be connected via a midi interface to become a midi keyboard but these natively supported usb devices may provide extended functionality

Akai Mpd 16


Roland ED PC-300

edirol pc-50

(it seems the edirol PCR Mseries was a revise of the original PCR series from 2007 and miraculously they developed os9 drivers.. probably the last ever midi controllers to feature drivers for mac os 9 from a proper manufacturer and not custom driver hacks)

edirol PCR-1

edirol pcr-30

edirol pcr-50

edirol pcr-80

(the pcr-m series differs from the pcr-80 only in slight ways, it is a minor update providing a little bit more functionality in that u can more utilize the midi port routing in more versatile ways and the keyboard itself can act as a midi interface to an additional keyboard)

edirol pcr-m1

edirol pcr-m30

edirol pcr-m50

edirol pcr-m80

evolution uc33-e
a notable great controller for use with ableton live in os9 as it features its controls mapped out similar to the session view with 1 fader + 3 rotaries per vertical "track" but of course you are free to assign whichever control to whichever element within ableton


evolution UC-16

evolution x-session

evolution x-session uc-17

evolution mk-449c

evolution  mk-461c

evolution  mk-425c

evolution mk-361c

evolution mk-361

evolution mk-249/mk-249c

evolution mk-225c

m-audio RADIUM61
8 sliders, 8 knobs, 5 octaves, data slider midi in/out sustan pedal

m-audio RADIUM49
8 sliders, 8 knobs, 4 octaves, data slider midi in/out sustan pedal

m-audio OZONE
midi/audio interface, 2 octaves, 8 knobs, 2x2 24bit audio 96khz, XLRx1, 1/4" TSx1, headphone out

m-audio OXYGEN8


m-audio KEYSTATION 49E

m-audio EKEYS 49