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Korg 03R/W (1992)
« on: July 23, 2016, 10:24:12 PM »

Soundwise, it is similar to the Korg Wavestation, it has many VS waveforms from the Wavestation series, and also the effect processors sound very similar. But there is no Vector Synthesis nor Wave Sequencing. But instead it's much easier to program than the Wavestation SR. I like the 03 especially for strings, choir (the choir sounds similar to the one from the Emulator II library), orchestra hits and digital synth sounds.

The 03R/W can be seen as the successor of the Korg M3R (but is has a different sound structure - the sound structure is like on the M1). The 03 is basically a downgraded Korg 01R/W, but it has different waveforms and no waveshaping, so it sounds different and takes less space in your rack.

To my ears, it sounds better than the Korg 01/W and better than its then rival Yamaha TG55. It's also very cheap, it's a good choice if you like digital synth sounds from the nineties!