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Nuendo 6.5 (Jul 2014)
« on: September 03, 2014, 06:47:06 AM »

Steinberg has announced the release of Nuendo 6.5, a purchasable update that includes a significant amount of professional tools and functionality, such as enhanced loudness processing, bass frequency management and a vastly improved Automatic Dialog Replacement (ADR) taker system.

The optional Nuendo Expansion Pack (NEK) also receives a 6.5 update that complements Nuendo's comprehensive tool set with many features earlier introduced to Cubase 7.5.

"If I had to single out one feature in this latest point update, I would choose our ADR taker system which has undergone refinements that add to its reliability and expand the possibilities for recording voice and foley, " commented Timo Wildenhain, product marketing manager at Steinberg.

Fredo Gevaert, owner of Temple of Tune, one of Belgium's leading post-production studios, adds: "Here at Temple of Tune we're madly in love with the ADR toolset improvements, which we've secretly been using for foley recording, too. The track destinations and event naming are massive time savers."

Features at a glance:

    Automated loudness processing to both industry standards such as EBU R128 and fully user-definable settings.
    Professional bass management including several routing and filter options coming with the new Bass Manager plug-in.
    ADR Taker 2.0 introduces a major update of Nuendo's ADR taker system with enhancements for voice and foley recording such as new playback/recording modes, automated naming schemes and pre-record buffer.
    Nuendo TrackVersions allows for creating, renaming and managing parallel versions of the same track plus many additional features far beyond conventional playlists.
    Track visibility management speeds up handling especially of large projects by offering dynamic displaying of audio tracks and groups in the project window.
    Improved AAF Filter now supports even better import/export to Pro Tools and Media Composer.
    New monitoring and metering section for better source management and better overview on the most frequently used functions.
    Experience a richer sound with REVelation reverb and Magneto 2, a warm and smooth tape saturation plug-in.
    Track Quick Controls can now be saved as presets and loaded for immediate access.
    Steinberg Hub with direct access to user-defined folders and news section for the latest Nuendo product updates.

Availability & Pricing

Nuendo 6.5 is now shipping to authorized Yamaha and Steinberg resellers and is also available through the Steinberg Online Shop.

The suggested retail price for Nuendo 6.5 is 1,699 €, including German VAT. The suggested retail price for the Nuendo Expansion Kit 6.5 is 249€, including German VAT.

Various boxed and downloadable updates are also available from resellers and through the Steinberg Online Shop. The Nuendo Expansion Kit 6.5 is exclusively available through the Steinberg Online Shop.