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Author Topic: E-mu Emulator X2 (summer 2006)  (Read 4209 times)

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E-mu Emulator X2 (summer 2006)
« on: August 12, 2016, 09:06:16 PM »
works on 32bit windows versions only.. NO 64BIT OS SUPPORT you need Emulator X3 For that
"Proteus X LE, Proteus VX, Proteus X2, Emulator X and Emulator X2 are 32-bit applications and will never work as VSTi in XP x64, Vista x64 or Windows 7 X64". -- - alot of users thought the vst was not functioning but they dont realize they are trying to run a 32bit vst in 64bit operating system....... the only version that supports 64bit os is emulator X3. for some reason running as standalone app apparently works? maybe win7 somehow  virtualizes or allows the app to run as 32bit.. quoted from e-mu bruce from (hes been inactive there since oct 2010)
also requires e-mu hardware be connected at runtime.. sound cards or midi interfaces