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e-mu Mo'phatt (2000) Urban Dance Synth
« on: August 12, 2016, 11:31:28 PM »
also the closely related reversion: e-mu Turbo'Phatt (2001?)
2000   E-MU Mo'Phatt

From the people that brought you the legendary SP1200 and Planet Phatt comes a new machine to move the masses - the Mo'Phatt Urban Dance Synth. Loaded with the hottest new sounds and beats on the planet, Mo'Phatt is the ultimate instrument for stage and studio, featuring a lethal compliment of dance tools like E-MU's exclusive SuperBEATs performance mode, syncable ARPs, and digital 12 pole filters that will rip your head off. Check out Mo'Phatt and hear why nobody does it better than E-MU.
Huge 64 voice polyphony
All-new 32 MB Hip-Hop soundset
12 real-time control parameters
E-MU's exclusive SuperBEATs Mode
Advanced syncable arpeggiation functions
Dynamic 12 pole filtering

an upgraded/enhanced version was also produced called the "TurboPhatt" !